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Now, walked into the Cheap Beats By Dre bookstore want to find a "element face

Posted Dec 11 2012 6:46am

Now, walked into the Cheap Beats By Dre  bookstore want to find a "element face upturned" book is not easy, a lot of the things outside to put on the cover of a printed fine waist seal. Of great eminence presenter, rhetoric form exaggeration comment, seating arrangement outstanding list... Seems to be to readers said: "if you don't buy, I'm sorry I." However, many waist sealed the comments are not from the presenter of the hands, best seller's list of qualifying often thin air, so be readers there is.

It is no wonder that the writer has a McCallister family in micro blog vomit slot: "it is said that the last month, I use all sorts of hyperbole put in a good word recommended book 31 this, actually I recommend only 4 this. 4 this is not all sincerely recommend, have a plenty of sense of obligation pinch your nose.

Puzzling into waist seal on the person, there is the encounter is not a McCallister family. Have the press sources, a famous writer found his name in the MouShu waist seal, and a quite have the level of recommended language, astounded call to ask the book ZeBian. Unexpectedly, people ask: "use your name what is the big deal, give you the payment is open." In the ZeBian eyes, recommend books but activity, with beats by dre cheap a little means, fib.

The publishing industry competition is intense, with waist sealing highlight the value and characteristics, attract readers to buy, this understandable. But in Europe and the United States publishing, directly printed on the cover or back cover, or printed on paper tapes, recommended language and referee generally are faithful and true. If, as the domestic, fabricated celebrity recommend words to do waist seal, to small say "deck oneself out and frighten people", to big said is "sell vinegar", and even have the suspicion of fraud.

For "no waist seal not writing" phenomenon, publishers also is full of bitter. This is a book industry profits, and other goods to modeled after the advertising model. One side is cheap beats  propaganda to limited budget, one side is not publicity, they sell still, two sides trapped under, publishers have to think in the seal. In this kind of undesirable tendency, originally pure waist seal a fraud "YaoFeng", was branded a "lies base", "brag camp" bad reputation.

In fact, the waist is sealed this not wrong, it's there is also the the development of the market need. A proper, charismatic recommended language, enough to attract readers read the book, stop pay. Especially in the current media ShuPingBan generally reduce, and the more the more books are out of the background, the famous recommend books to guide the readers, open up an outlet, especially important.

In the final analysis, how to create good waist seal, the key depends on the attitude of the publisher. If can adjust state of mind, is willing to spend time, finding the right book review, referees, get wonderful really recommend language, also is not the how. For celebrity for changeover readers to  recommend good books at the same time, also want to cherish "feather", keep the bottom line, grasps "the haven't seen, never write" principle. Otherwise, the waist is sealed really become "YaoFeng", embarrassed the entire publishing circles.

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