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Notes from Office Visits

Posted Jun 13 2009 12:18am

Date: 11/13/07
Doctor: Dr. Kurt Woeller

Topics Covered:

Clostirdia & Yeast
Continued supplements & Nystatin
Heavy Metal Challenge

Dr’s Orders:

MB12 dose up to 1,000 micrograms
Microbial Oats Test
Order book Nourishing Hope by Julie Matthews & follow various diets
Continue Supplements and Nystatin
Urine Challenge test for heavy metals

Meythl B-12
Current dose: 750 Micrograms, going stable and well. Up dose to 1,000 micrograms on next refill. When refilling, call office and ask to check file and order from Wellness not Hopewell.

Ordering a Microbal oat test to test for clostridia and bacteria levels. Order the book Nourishing Hope by Julie Matthews so we can follow the diets like low sugar. Dr. mentioned that she also does consultations and it might be useful for Nathan because he has sensitivity issues that need to be addressed. Julie Matthews has a website at and that have recipes and information. Continue on Nystatin.

Continue all supplements and mineral support and also Nystatin.

Heavy Metals
Lead is and issue and maybe Mercury. Do a heavy metal challenge. Get a baseline urine w/out a chelator and also urine with DMSA as a chelator.

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