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nike air max 1 cheap Tastes like chew rubber cool after wrestling do not throw rotten

Posted Jan 17 2013 1:47am
 Go to  cheap nike air max 90 school that day, half of the journey is to wade. Beginning, after wading through water shoeing could not walk far but also to take off their shoes to wade, then simply do not wear shoes, barefoot walking. Deep pants trip wet. To the school, but also a vast expanse of playground full of water, and several pairs of basketball goal pitiful soaked in water. Road school barely able to walk. Classroom and dormitory of a foot on the water. The malaria mosquitoes IV school, during the day the world flies, night mosquitoes World. Into the school for a long time, I discovered the students sick a lot, a class few leave.

    Life was hard, then dried sweet potato bread is the staple food of the majority of the students. nike air max 1 cheap Tastes like chew rubber, cool after wrestling do not throw rotten students to this bread has a name called "shot". Even so dried sweet potato bread also can not guarantee, many students from home with melon dry inside even doped on the sweet potato leaves, vegetable rolls. Poor is to be hungry. Our class students learn good, but home is extremely difficult, he took things often did not have enough to eat, sometimes for dinner, he would lie sleeping in the classroom.
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