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NFL, Hair Gel, Ex Coworkers, bull headed husband all the reason I cried tonight

Posted Sep 08 2008 8:48pm
I know you are probally saying the stubborn husband you get. But the NFL,hair gel and ex coworkers now please explain Lucy. Ok let's start with the NFL shall we.Now in my household we have four tv's. my room, Eric's room, Bree room and the living room. During the week hubby likes to watch the night time shows some of them I like we watch together others I am not crazy about but he and his mom like to watch them so in stead of going into the livingroom and watching it, you have two tv's playing the same thing and I am left with watching nothing.

Or when one of my favorite shows come on opposite of his, I have to tivo my show and watch it the next day while he watches his live so to speak. Now here comes the kicker yes its football season and no I dont like football, he and his mom avid football fans his uncle use to play for Broncos. Me give me basketball or give me squid hehe, so he always says if I tried football

I would like it well I did and I dont. Now two weeks ago I am in the room watching a movie and he was in the living room watching the college game. Well he comes in the room grabs the remote and BAM change my channel sigh. I said umm excuse you, I only need to see the last few minutes well that lasted and hour due to over time and I missed the freaking movie. Needless to say I was hotter then fish grease. Didnt speak to him for three day's.

So on the weekends I love to get up and watch LifeTime or Sci Fi thats my gig. But I spent 4 hours cleaning the living room and kitchen sigh and when I was done I took a shower sat on the floor and sigh fell asleep man was I mad hehe. So yesterday I got up early to watched my shows but Lifetime movie was a rerun so I switched to Snapped, well I went into the bathroom came out all I hear is that darn NFL Music I looked at him and said.

"what happend to my show"? Well umm you was in the bathroom and it was on commerical. I said so you changed it? He was like yes you was gone. I said we talked about this all you had to do was ask me I would have told you yes its the principal of the thing. Well he had the nerve to get mad and pout the whole freaking day . Didnt speak to me unless I said something to him mind you the incident happened at 10:00 am but I wasnt mad I just asked a question.

Well time went on and he left to go to the store so I said to him in a text message, Is it safe to assume you are still mad over the game this morning? His response we are not going to have this discussion for the next 20 weeks. So I responded with ok do you then. But then I said hold up I replied back you know I could care about you watching football all I said was you could have asked me was I done watching my show I would have said yes have it but you didnt.

Now if I had of done that to you I would be called annoying, not considering your feelings so you get mad when I say that to you. How would you like it if I changed your channel everytime you stepped out of the room? His respone back ok. But he still acted like a freaking baby the rest of them night. So I left went and sat in the parking lot of Mcdonalds for about a hour, came home, they had cooked ate all the food didnt save anything for me its all cool. so I took a shower made the bed and chilled in my rooom.

I then said well I guess he going to wait until I go to bed before he comes in the room, so I left and went in Erics room and sure enough here he comes so I said to myself " Why in the blazes am I sitting here in the dark so I went in m y room and set on the bed. His last words to me were are you watching this I said no so he turned off the tv and went to bed like he was a victim of a insane crime needles to say I am now angry.

Now lets move on to the Ex coworker shall we sigh she ties in with what happened after the NFL. He use to work at the FAA but moved to his location where he is now he made a few friends at this office one of them named Myleka she had one son at the time now she has twins and a her son who is so bad he once had to do school by phone sigh. So he would go down to have lunch with these people until the office closed but he dosent keep in touch with everyone else like he does this chick whom I have never met a day in my life. Everytime he calls her he feels the need to update me on her life and especialy her son giving him all this advice and cant give any to our own Autistic child. So last a while back I had seen how they were still calling eachother making me uncomfortable.

So last night his phone rang about a little after 11 he was in the shower so I answered it then hung up. I go through his calls and and see he has talked to this chick all last week on the times he is suppose to be at lunch, or right after he calls me he calls her. And I question him so he says is this what this is all about? I said I dont see the need for you to call her all day everyday.

He replies with you know who she is oh this is stupid I am not going to discuss this with you. Then he said I talk to her about once a month I said well the cell phone bill shows it was 4 times in one day. Well she would call me I miss the call I call her she missed it was like phone tag. I said why dont she call the house then, he was like all we talked about is Politics so thats what they are calling it now a days sigh. So rolled over and went to sleep now the anger is getting really bad. All day he didnt call like he normally did when he takes his break or goes to lunch. I sent him a text message he ignored it, I called he ignored it so I told Erica said call your dad and see if he picks up, She sent me a message that said yeah he picked up right away. I sent him and email with telling him how I felt with the following

I am getting this off my chest and never to be heard from again, You were wrong to get mad due to I asked you not to change a channel I was watchingFOR THE LAST TIME THIS WAS NOT ABOUT FOOTBALL SO ITS NOT A PREVIOUS DECISION, A NEW TOPIC OF DECISON YOU WANT ME TO TELL YOU WHATS ON MY MIND WELL I DID NOW YOU STEAMING HOT.

1 annoyance, annoying, irritation, vexation
the act of troubling or annoying someone

causing irritation or annoyance

This is what you say to me when I do things you dont like
turn off the tv even though its a game we play but you have out grown it.
complain about things that I cant control
Not let you flick when you want to (which I dont complain about anymore)
Leaving my socks inside my pants (which I have stopped doing)
leave the computer desk clutterd (which I have been trying my best to comply with)
Let you watch your games in peace( which I do even when you are asleep and I want to watch something else)
Oh I am sure the list is endless but you let it be know what I do that bug you and you have to qualms about telling me out loud and I must adhere to it.

My annoyance with you is changing the tv station while I am watching something on tv, with our asking.
I tell you that and you become offended once again its not about football I dont care about you watching football. It's about you not asking me if I am watching tv at the moment. (but I express that and I dont get talked to for a whole day)

the quality of being honest

You want me to be honest with you when things bother me, and when I tell you especiall when it has to do with your or something that makes me uncomfortable. You get angry
Well you talking to Myleka make me uncomfortable, you two dont work together anymore not much to talk about as I can see. You give her advice about her son, what about our son Eric Jr. Yes it now makes me wonder the times when I am calling you and you dont pick up (11 0r 12 times) are you talking to her and what makes her calls so much more important. I if she wants to talk to you that bad tell her to call the house so you all can talk. Dont say you talk to her once amonth and this month alone you talked to her 5 times in one day about politics do it at home make me feel comfortable.

bullying, intimidation

the act of intimidating a weaker person to make them do something

noisily domineering; tending to browbeat others

You called me that a three weeks ago, so you dont think you are not doing that with me, tell me what YOU NOT GONNA DISCUSS. but if I dont want to discuss something you will stay in my face until I do. But when ERIC dont want to talk he puts his foot down and he dont want to talk. Different discussion this time the first one not about you watching Football but you changing the channel, the next I dont feel comfortable with you talking to Myleka all the time. I have been doing what you asked of me, keeping my temper down, not expecting a lot of other's trying to change on my end.

I ask of two things at this point and I get ignored

No need to respond just letting you know, now you dont to return my text or pick up the phone then fine

so now here is his reply back smdh
Ok lets get this over with. First of all the damn show was over. It ended at 10. Second, you kinda like snapped, it's not like you're all consumed by it. Another one was starting so you hadn't gotten into it yet so don't gimme that crap! I told you before it's not even that you wanted to watch the show. Why couldn't you just come at me like a regular person? Sweetie I'm still watching that. What would've been wrong with that? It's not about the game, it wasn't my team, it's about your funky attitude rather than being nice. You could've gotten the same thing accomplished. As far as Maleka is concerned, I'm quite sure if you go on you can look at my call history, you'll see that before Thursday of this week I hadn't called her in probably a year. The only reason you see so many calls is that her phone or bluetooth or whatever was acting up and it kept cutting us off so we kept trying to call each other back at the same time. Look it up. You'll see one call on Thursday. I left a message because she did not answer. I got hold of her on Friday and we talked about Barack Obama and Sarah Palin. Look at the calls I bet you every single one of those 10 calls or whatever are in the same 1 hour period as I said we kept getting cut off. I wan't trying to hide it and for you to accuse me of something is ridiculous.

So I replied back with this

Ok why couldnt you come at me and do the same like a regular person and say sweetie are you done watching the show so I could look at them game same sappyness works both way. I would have said yes so stop acting like I am the only one with a any once of decency. And no I didnt snap I came out and asked you why did you change my channel like you did the last time I was watching a show and you said I only want to see the ending and it lasted into over time and you PROMISED YOU WOULDNT DO IT AGAIN. So you know my attitude wont be funky if you come at me the same way you want me to come at you it goes both ways Eric. You could have said it nicely instead of changing the channel but it wont important to you so you didnt care. So I throw that question back at you what would have been wrong for you to do the same as you request is it to hard for you to do as you request. And my attitude only gets funky when folk just take what I want to watch and make it into their own with our asking, Do I do that to you? So you want my attitude to not be so funky then how about no more do as I say and not as I do attitude or better yet I just turn the other way and let you do you

As far as her I dont know her and if so my comfort level with her is low, if she wants to talk she can call the house

We shall see what the response shall be. Now to the hair gel sigh. I never understood why my kids well only two of my three girls feel the need to put their hands on my crap. There is this new hair jail that is out called 30 seconds that holds your braids etc in tack and freezes it. Well I have to use it spareingly due to the price tag of 4.10 cents. So when I brought a new one I gave my youngest daughter the old one with enough to last her a min. Well I go into her bathroom and low and behold there is my gel ALL THE HELL GONE SIGH. So you know I was not happy did I do I cried like a freaking kid ugggggggg.

I have so got to get it together and being to sleep in 30 something hours sigh aint helping my case none lmbo

Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day lmbo yeah right

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