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NEW YEAR...!!!

Posted Jan 18 2011 11:27am
2010 came with a whole slew of changes in our lives...

I started a new position at work...which I love !!! I work with people
whom I love to see every day, and I hope they feel the same way about me !!

I turned 50 years old in November and was thrown a terrific surprise party
full of Old friends and New friends....
Shortly after that, I took a few of the kids to the Domain (a funky mall by our
house)...we were there to take a few coats to the Coats for Kids drive.
I had ulterior motives...Every morning I listen to a local radio station. The
very funny on-air personality "Heather in the morning" had spoken about her autistic
son going to Florida with her husband and daughter. However, she never said how
he did...the son, I mean...
So, Heather in the morning was going to be at the Coats for Kids drive...and me...being nosy (I like to call it inquisitive) wanted to find out how her son
did on the flight.
I saw a beautiful, nicely dressed woman approaching the table they were setting up
for the coat drive..I yell, " Are you Heather in the morning"? She politely
said she was....
I say, "So, how did your son do ? I need to know".
She told me how he did....
We started talking and soon she was hanging out with me, Deirdre, Erin, Meaghan and little Patrick...
We exchanged phone numbers and I am thrilled to say...her family is now a part of
our family....!!!

Caitlin is in the Goodwill Go Project and doing amazingly well. She is well-loved and the star of the program I am told. She works hard and loves going into work.

Deirdre has been inducted into the National Honor Society....I am so very proud. She volunteers often and even took a baby sitting job at the elementary school. GO DEE !!

Erin has blossomed socially and has many friends that share her interests. She loves the friends in her life...she even thinks of them when shopping. She continues to get straight A's and will be starting High School next year...oh my...time flies !!

Meaghan turned 13 years old on Saturday. She is such a mature young lady...with a quick wit and incredibly funny !!! She has so much of her daddy and my humor...I don't know if that is good or bad...but she is hilarious. She is also incredibly beautiful with her huge blue eyes and red hair.

Little Patrick turned 11 in December. He is finishing out his 5th grade year and will begin Middle School in August. He still plays baseball and wants to play football next year-I am still debating that one. He makes As and Bs and is loved by the whole school.

Kiernan is in 4th grade and making great strides. He is still non-verbal but has a voice non-the-less. He knows what he wants and makes sure you understand. He has a straight A report card and glowing remarks about his behavior.

Patrick and I work very hard to make this family work. We have children who most people would have given up on. We have children who some would want to alter or "fix", because they would be looked up on as broken....

The past couple of weeks the Autism community has been more divided as ever. With the conclusion that a certain British, used-to-be Doctor altered his findings and committed fraud (their words, not mine)..those on the side of the Mercury Militia will always believe that he was correct. They are far too invested financially and emotionally to turn back now. It really does not matter what is proven...minds will not be changed..and that is the sad fact about that.
People would rather believe a "has-been" B-movie actress who touts Bo-tox and breast implants, but screams that vaccines are bad....I cannot even fathom that intellect !!

So, here I sit typing...I have missed blogging, but my life has truly been busy. Our children are thriving and growing up. They are maturing and are quite actually amazing young adults and children. Between baseball, choir, band and orchestra...the Anime' and German clubs...and countless recitals and ball games...well, you get the gist !

With all the hysteria that went through the Autism community and the treatments that were thrown out to parents with autistic children...I am so glad my husband and myself did not buy into it....
Our children have thrived without the creams, shots (be it B12 or Lupron), chambers, scopes (ouch), chelation and countless number of pills shoved down their throats....
They have thrived with hard working educators, therapists, friends and family...
they have worked hard to be in the places they are...
And I would not want them anywhere else !!
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