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New Wave Autism Self Advocacy: Stephanie Lynn Keil Offers A Different Perspective

Posted Jul 20 2009 10:20pm
If you are interested in new developments in autism self advocacy and awareness and want to avoid the tired " we don't want to be cured" ideology check out those who are presenting new perspectives in autism self advocacy. Jonathan Mitchell, Autism's Gadfly, and Jake Crosby at Age of Autism don't take their cues from the Neurodiversity playbook. Another vital new point of view is offered by Stephanie Lynn Keil an artist and person with an autism disorder who doesn't subscribe to the old rhetoric of Sinclair, Dawson, Baggs and Ne'eman.

In Improve Self, Not Society Stephanie refuses to focus on society as a means of addressing her challenges, choosing instead to focus on her own role in the world and what she can do for herself. She does not want to become a " career autistic" and sees a better way to deal with her challenges:

" I can't wait for society to accommodate me: I need to accommodate myself to society now. I can change myself in much less time than I can change society, which is why I am taking this route."

Stephanie's views are anathema to those who promote autism disorders as social constructs, natural variations, a different, even superior, ways of thinking. The Neurodiversity Hub is not kind to autistic persons like Jonathan Mitchell, Jake Crosby or Stephanie Lynn Keil, those who think for themselves, look to improve themselves and overcome their deficits. By their words they have proven false the implied claim by some self appointed autism disorder spokespersons that all persons with autism do not want to be cured.

For a different perspective on autism self advocacy visit Stephanie Lynn Keil's blog site A Grand Illusion and check out her art work at Stephanie Lynn Keil.


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