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New literary journal celebrates autism

Posted Jun 13 2009 12:19am
Well here is an interesting new literary journal I happened across This is a new literary journal that will start publication in October that is set up specifically to Celebrate autism. So we have that woman (I don't remember her exact name) who has the joy of autism blog. Also Liane Willey a female with alleged asperger's who was able to get a ph.d., marry and have children also feels that brain damage should be celebrated. Maybe John Best will blog about this with one of his usual rants. This will probably make him angry. Though there are a lot of things I don't agree on with Best, and don't agree with all of his tactics. One thing I do agree with him on is that it is time to stop celebrating brain damage. Yes, you read right, I believe that autism is brain damage. Some neurodiversity adherents seem to be offended by the term brain damage, even though they somehow acknowledge that autism is a disability and more than merely a "difference".

Interestingly enough the hyperlexia journal says that the good and the bad should be celebrated. Why should bad things be celebrated. They also go on to state that the diversity of the human mind should be respected and any hateful submissions will be rejected. This likely includes anyone that wishes to cure autism or believes that autism is any sort of deficiency.

The maximum word count of submissions is small, 1500 words or less. This does not give much leeway for most short stories, though I suppose a lot of poems fit this criteria. Also some short essays.

I have written 23 short stories. Not a single one of them has been published. A few of my nonfiction essays have been published in a few places though but not very many. I am always hoping to find places where, as a fledgling writer, I can submit pieces to. This journal will not be one of those.
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