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New Dreams - a Poem about Autism

Posted Jun 10 2009 12:18am

I wanted to share a poem from a fellow Autism Momma. (Her beautiful children are pictured above.) She has such an eloquent way with words - I am thankful for her because she is helping all of us who've "been there" to grasp a hold of our self-awareness. Thank you, Gillian, and keep on fighting the fight.

by Gillian Naysmith

When you have your baby
you're overcome with joy,
it really doesn't matter
if you have a girl or boy.
As you watch your baby grow
you know it's all worth while
the pain and all the worrying
disappears with that first smile.
As time goes by you notice
that somethings not quite right,
your little ones not doing
the things that others might.
He may not really look at you,
or listen when you talk,
he may seem quite unsteady
with that funny tip toe walk.
More time goes by and finally
a doctor you must see.
You know there's something different now,
though you're not sure what it can be.
When Autism is eventually diagnosed,
you really can't explain
all the hurt you feel inside,
the anguish and the pain.
Your dreams are all but over
for the perfect child you had,
now you have so much more to learn
and it really hurts like mad.
But Autism is not the end of things,
it's really just the start,
a different mind and way of life
of which you're now a part.
It's a chance to meet new people too,
make lots of wonderful friends,
It's a chance to really learn alot,
it's not where your dream ends.
It's time to re-arrange your life
and organise your mind,
your little Angel needs you now
so leave your fear behind.
I'm not saying it is easy
in fact it's very hard,
reminders pop up every day,
just like a calling card,
of the life that you had planned
the way you expected it to be,
but life with Autism is not all bad,
just you wait and see.
As time goes by, acceptance will
start to take a hold,
true friends will help you through it all
they have a heart of gold !
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