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Neighbor dumped his cat

Posted Jul 31 2009 11:54am
Yesterday I was out front and saw my neighbor moving out. We never see much of him except when he's walking home from the convenience store with a case of beer... obvious conclusions there... Anyhow, there was his little cat sitting in the middle of the yard, crying her head off, and he left her behind when he moved.

She's tiny. Maybe six pounds. Two years old at least, and a cat that age should weigh eight to ten pounds. Very friendly. Completely desperate for affection. Covered in fleas, covered in scratches, missing chunks of fur... I can't believe he's neglected her so badly. She looks like a city stray, not an abandoned house pet.

So of course now she is set up in a dog crate on my back porch and I have contacted a cat rescue I volunteer for. I'm already fostering one cat and I imagine that if this one tests negative for FIV/FeLV and is healthy enough to recover (if not she will be euthanized), I will end up fostering a second cat until we can find a home.

Pray she tests negative and recovers her health. And pray we find a place for her.

I know. It is a cat, not a human. It isn't truly sentient. This isn't really as important as some of the human suffering you hear about on the news, kids getting electric shocks in the name of treatment, people getting killed for being different, people starving and getting AIDS... But if you have a pet, you know cats and dogs can suffer just like a human can, and I think we have a responsibility to prevent that--especially since it was humans that domesticated them in the first place.

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