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NBA Development League all-star and NBA all-star's approach is quite different

Posted Feb 05 2013 3:04am
NBA Development League all-star and NBA all-star's approach is quite different, they are from the development League 16 teams have 20 players for the coach to vote, the player is eligible to stand for election must be at least until January 28 to participate in the effects teams of more than half the game players.And then, to match the 20 players split into two teams.Apart from Terence Jones, Houston rockets in NBA draft picks selected in the General Assembly andnike air max bw for sale   before trading Jeremy-rum was also selected to the Thunder team development League all-star this year.Another player had the rockets hung around Fritz Kortner-Fortson also has been selected as this year's Development League all-star.

Lin Shuhao his injuries already this season, the third time he sprained his ankle in training the last few minutes, twice in the front after a sprain, Lin Shuhao had not missed the game.Lin Shuhao can participate in Beijing February 6 rockets against warriors home game this morning, which also will have to wait until is decided before the game started.Beijing time on January 15, 2013, Lin Shuhao innike air max light 2013 train stations to team-mates in feet and sprained ankles, injuries he had were carried to the scene by team-mates after a rest.After ice Lin Shuhao, sit the presence continues to watch his team-mates trained until all over in public training.16th against the Clippers game, with injuries in the army, he contributed 12 points and 10 assists for two pairs of data.

Reddick field this season is their personal career high contribution of 15.3 points and 4.5 assists, his three-point shot percentage as high as 40%.Last ten games, Reddick's performance even more remarkable, to contribute 18 points.In fact, Reddick at the Duke University during the play is already a United States University League of one very famous striker, just after entering the NBA Union is unlikely to smooth development, 2006 to 11th rank by magic after you select, Reddick is not entered until this season, the Magic's first line-up.However, in the course of the past three seasons, Reddick farms have more than 10 points scored, and he is scoring and assists progress year by year.
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