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National Autistic Society Calls for Realistic Autism Awareness

Posted Sep 11 2008 8:04pm

EDITOR's NOTE: Edited as per commentary received from 'Amused'

A badly needed breeze of fresh air and common sense is blowing westward across the Atlantic from the UK's National Autistic Society. In its Think Differently campaign the National Autistic Society UK is pointing out a lack of public knowledge about the realities of autism. Public belief that all autistic persons possess Rain Man or savant skills may be preventing autistic persons from accessing needed services.

" such a widespread belief could be detrimental to the vast majority of people with autism who do not have such special abilities and are struggling with significant communication problems.

It is estimated that one in 100 people in Wales has an autism spectrum disorder.

NASCymru, which launches a major campaign today, said that there is a lack of public understanding and awareness about what it really means to live with autism and autism spectrum disorders."

Sadly, even while organizations like the UK National Autistic Society try to offer the public a more realistic understanding of autism, some persons and organizations still try to obscure those often hard realities. While almost all parents find joy in their children, autistic or not, there are actually some parents, professionals, and high functioning autistic persons hard at work, trying to convince the world that we should find joy in autism, a serious neurological disorder. Fortunately, parents, family members and responsible professionals for the most part are not buying into such nonsense and are fighting hard to obtain services and a better life for their autistic loved ones, children, youths and adults.

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