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My thoughts and Opinions - AKA- "Mrs. McMillan goes to Washington"

Posted Dec 01 2012 10:34pm
I had the opportunity to travel in traffic for about thirty minutes... spend 16 dollars in 5 seconds for all day parking... and walk several blocks to the Rayburn Office building in DC. It was a gigantic building- for which I am glad- because I would be lost trying to find it - if it were small...I am smart enough to know- to just walk in the direction of the building, ,and eventually I'd get there... SO I had my daughter with me- " The born activist"- she was literally born fighting- thanks to several vaccines, and a rapid match with Jaundice...She suffered traumatic heel pricks, 30 times over- until the military nurses got it right... She was walking with me, and we were going over what was going to happen...she is a junior reporter, and we home-school- so this was a field trip- learning thru real life...she was ready, with pen in hand and bound spiral notebook...she was ready... We get there early- because we want to have a seat in the room, where the hearing will take place... we get the last row, and I am put in place where the camera gets me a lot- and I am unaware...if I could go back, I'd have a hand written sign, or some fact sheets ready- so that people could get the truth- because was not happening- when the witnesses were speaking. the only time I heard the truth was when the congressmen and women were speaking, and Mark Blaxill testified... The rest of the time it was filled with "fluff" and stuff.... things that didn't belong at the hearing..irrelevant things- that I suppose were only brought in by those that want to see this go quickly away.... There were the "neuro-diverse crowds", and even people testifying because "they didn't want to be cured". That was pretty upsetting to me - simply because my son suffered many many ill nights- and still does because of his vaccine injuries... there is a BIG difference between the Autism that my son has and the high functioning aspergers that someone who can talk has... and let me tell you something... those people need to walk away, and read a manual that talks about staying out of something that doesn't concern you... This Autism the one congress was talking about is not the stand up comedy relief of Big Bang, or some other gut moving laughable prime time show... It's about separation from reality, from parents, from loved one, and being isolated in a world that is understandable, and cloudy...its a place I would never want my son to stay... and that's why we are trying anything and everything to bring him out of this Autism- caused by vaccine injuries... These people were taking away from the elephant in the room- VACCINES... the elephant was there- and many a congressman and woman, were taking note, and identifying him....The testifying rep from The NIH and the CDC were BLIND... they didn't see the elephant, or they didn't want to see... but everyone including me - we all saw the elephant...our faces showed just what we were seeing- disbelief...that these two "Dr's" who were under OATH didn't admit that we have a real problem... they walked away...under oath.... they walked away lying... to be continued tomorrow- because I am so very tired right now... I was more than happy hearing so many lawmakers questioning vaccines, their ethical use in high doses, and the need for doing such a thing... I was re-leaved that they were even discussing vaccines.... you have to realize- who I was, and what I was coming from, I was a safe mom...a mom who listened to everything that the doctor had to say...and did everything that I was supposed to do- I even gave "Tylenol" before shots so that mu kids wouldn't feel so bad after.... Little did I know that giving Tylenol before and after shots is dangerous- that lowering the immune system could allow the vaccines to do more damage than good... but here I am years later- with a child who can not talk- because of the vaccines...and I have been telling doctors all the time...and calling my congressmen and women and telling them what happened to my I am hearing them question why so many kids are sick..and why vaccines are given so fast, and to such young kids.... Finally we have some recourse- maybe.... I feel like a lot still has to be done, the nitty gritty details need to be worked out...the vaccine schedule needs to be changed..there needs ot be an overhaul.... someone needs to confess, and there needs to be a great recourse for our kids... a great acknowledgement from the government that this happened...and that there WILL be something done...not just 4 hours in a hearing, and that's all...
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