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My commentary on swine flu... Upcoming Elections... Upcoming Events...

Posted Apr 28 2009 11:04pm


From Louise Kuo Habakus

April 28, 2009



The more things change, the more they stay the same.  We are being manipulated.  It’s about:

1)     Money $$

2)     Fear

3)     The affirmation of vaccines as a miracle of modern medicine




1) Public health emergency ($$, fear, vaccines)


Our government declared a public health emergency on Mon 4/26.  This allows them to get our public health machinery in gear, including heightened surveillance, public service announcements, a swine flu vaccine, mobilization of antiviral (Tamiflu) stockpiles and movement towards the potential exercise of extraordinary presidential powers, including vaccine/antiviral mandates, forced quarantine for non-compliance and the closing of our borders.


2) The marketing of Tamiflu ($$)

Cooper:So how soon after taking the Tamiflu did you start to feel better?

Arianna:After two pills, I started feeling better.

Cooper:Well .... I'm glad, Arianna, that you're feeling better. It's amazing what a difference two pills can make. And I'm glad you were able to get the Tamiflu.


3) The prospect of a swine flu vaccine ($$, vaccines)


Baxter just ordered a sample from the World Health Organization to research the virus and develop a vaccine.


4) The unvaccinated put us all at risk (vaccines, fear)


On Law & Order tonight, we watched a mom charged for the death of a child because she opted against vaccinating her child.  Is this a curious coincidence?  Or are we being manipulated?  Subliminal messaging in support of more vaccines in our future…


5) Mysterious, never before seen, spreading fast!  (fear)


“The virus combines genetic material from pigs, birds and humans in a way researchers have not seen before… We are very, very concerned… We have what appears to be a novel virus and it has spread from human to human… It’s all hands on deck at the moment.”


6)  See?  We told you… (fear)


We’ve been predicting a flu pandemic for decades.  In 2005, junior Senator Obama introduced AVIAN Act (S.969), the first comprehensive bill to address the threat of an avian influenza pandemic.

7), an official US government site  (fear)


Monitoring, checklists, vaccines, masks, animal issues, travel, maps, risk plans, pandemic plans!  Government officials invoke the horror of the 1918 Spanish flu outbreak that killed an estimated 25 to 50 million people in about 25 weeks. 




1) Is Tamiflu safe?  For kids?


You may feel as if you are doing something constructive by taking Tamiflu or getting vaccinated.  But do your research first.  Did you know that Japan banned Tamiflu in 2007?


2) Who stands to make money from ramped up Tamiflu sales?


Donald Rumsfeld owns many millions of Tamiflu manufacturer Gilead Sciences stock.  Isn’t that interesting?


3) Baxter should be making all of us very, very nervous.


Baxter “accidentally” and mysteriously released a mixture of H5N1 and H3N2 avian flu viruses.  According to established factory security protocols, this event was theoretically impossible.  It has never been explained.  Was this an attempt to provoke an outbreak? 


4)  Lessons learned from 1976? 


In 1976, one person died from swine flu.  Experts estimated 50-60 million could be affected and Gerald Ford ordered an unprecedented national swine flu vaccine campaign.   The hastily implemented vaccine killed over thirty people and caused over 500 to develop Guillain-Barre, a devastating autoimmune disorder before the vaccine program was abruptly stopped 10 weeks later.  The head of the CDC was fired.  Can’t say this enough.  Do your research first


5)  If the unvaccinated put us all at risk, then …


- Why don’t adults, including doctors and nurses, get vaccinated with all the same shots we give to children?

- Why didn’t we have rampant disease before so many new vaccines were added to the schedule (46 shots in the last 25 years)?

- Why are there outbreaks where 99+% of the population is vaccinated?

- Why are they so healthy?  Why don’t unvaccinated communities have autism and asthma anywhere near the US average?

- Why were deaths from infectious diseases plummeting (1900-1950s) before most vaccines were introduced?


6) Combines genetic material from animals and humans, never before seen... are you kidding me?


Where have we heard about the mixing of animal and human genetic material?  Viral material used to manufacture vaccines is cultured on a host: cancerous animal tissue.  Viruses are parasitic and fed a food mix (usually serum from animal blood).   Vaccines have never been tested for mutagenic potential. 

            GSK (p.11)

            Merck (p.6)  

            Sanofi (p.5)


7) Applicability of the 1918 pandemic needs to be discussed with context and restraint.


Life was different back in 1918.  We did not have the same hygiene and sanitation infrastructure we have today.  Urban areas were characterized by tenement conditions, overcrowding and poor nutrition.  Bacteria were the greatest source of death in 1918.  The vast majority died from bacterial pneumonia, infections which would be successfully treated today.

And while we’re on the subject of flu deaths, could you folks at the CDC please stop saying that 36,000 people die of the flu annually.  You know and we know that it isn’t true.  The British Medical Journal is on to you, too.  Read this – Are US Flu Death Figures More PR Than Science?



Ok, Dr. Besser, you’ve gotten our attention.  We’re listening.  But please handle this responsibly.  And don’t manipulate us.  We resent it.  And it’s also dangerous.


One more thing.  It’s rather breathtaking how quickly the CDC can mobilize when you want to.  A public health emergency is declared in seconds flat.   But I don’t get it.  Swine flu or not, we have had a true public health catastrophe going on in our country.  One in 6 children with learning disabilities, 1 in 9 asthma, 1 in 13 ADHD, 1 in 143 SIDS, 1 in 150 autism, 1 in 450 diabetes.  Along these dimensions, we underperform every first world country except, perhaps Poland, known for its industrial pollution.  I know you’re terribly busy with the Tamiflu and Baxter.  But could we please talk you into taking a peek into what’s going on with our kids?



Louise Kuo Habakus, HHP, AADP

Life Health Choices




The entire NJ Assembly is up for re-election this year.  We’re paying attention to the race for Governor, too.  This is our chance, folks.  We have some ideas about who to hire, who to fire and what we can do about it.  We’d like to hear yours.  Send them to me at


All those interested in helping with a fundraiser this summer for Charlotte Vandervalk, the primary sponsor of our vaccination choice bill (A260), email me, too.



4/30:Giorgio Repeti will be interviewing me at 8pm on his live radio The show begins at 7pm and I’ll be joining in at 8pm.  A big thank you to Giorgio for bringing me on for a third time.

4/30-5/3:Cherry Hill, NJ - Whole Health & Wellness Conference, Crowne Plaza Hotel, most sessions apply to all parents, of injured and well children, just $25/day for two.  I’ll be speaking on Saturday 5/2. click here  Online registration is closed but walk-ins are warmly accepted.

5/21-5/25:Chicago, IL – Autism One Conference, Westin O’Hare Hotel, Chicago, IL.  I’ll be speaking on 5/22.  If you’re recently married, thinking about having more children, worried about your family history, a concerned grandparent, wanting to help your child with any autoimmune or developmental challenges, you owe it to yourself to go.  Check out the speakers: the flyer:

5/31:Hackensack, NJ – 1:00-4:00pm, Hackensack Middle School, 360 Union Street.  Join me on Sunday, 5/31 and welcome our sponsoring chiropractor, Dr. Kerry Escamilla.  E-mail to register.  We’re looking for Bergen County folks to help spread the word.  Let me know if you can post flyers in your community!

7/9-7/12:Los Angeles, CA – USAAA 2009 International Conference.  I’ll be speaking on 7/10.  Stay tuned

9/12-9/13:Newark, NJ – Saving Our Kids Healing Our Planet.  Details to follow

10/1-10/4:Reston, VA - Fourth International Public Conference on Vaccination, Hyatt Regency Hotel, Reston, VA.   Barbara Loe Fisher puts together a world class event.  Take a road-trip with friends and share a room.


Many of you have been asking for a copy of my Vaccine Choices presentation!  Stay tuned for phase one of our website launch next month.  I’ll be converting many of my slides into accessible and interactive content.  We’ll be introducing our new Food Choices lectures.  And we will create tools and resources to help your own local grassroots advocacy efforts.  Please support us by sending your ideas, volunteering to help (email ) and donating via paypal to  Thank you!



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