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My child is very smart, but doesn't communicate. She is now attached to her shoes and socks. Can autism get worse?

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I just found out my daughter has autism, she is very smart can read, write her name, write abc, I love you on her own, and very good in activitys, but just doesn't communicate and now past month she's been attached to her shoes and socks, can autism get worse?  will it ever go away? or is it permanent?

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The autism spectrum is extremely broad, from very severe cases where the person can hardly communicate, to others who grow up to be top scientists. 

Your daughters attachment to shoes and socks is a common characteristic of a child with autism, as well as the slowed communication.

Unfortunately, there is such thing as regressive autism, in which a child loses previously gained communication skills. Ask your pediatrician for help in sorting out your duaghter's symptoms.

This video is helpful in collecting details about autism:

Best of luck! 

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