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My child is 9 years old and has mild autism. He has been getting help since the age of 3. He has come a long way but still has

Posted by Mary

but still has difficulty in Math, some conversational skills and humour. What may I do to help him out?

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My daughter is much the same as far as her language skills. She seems to take longer to process both incoming and outgoing speech than other children, and because of her sensory issues, will often try to shut out input from the world. We work with her speech teacher in school and constantly, gently push conversation on her. We have family dinners where everyone must ask questions and give answers, to build a comfort level with a style of interchange. Mostly we try to understand where she's coming from--not always an easy task when she doesn't communicate well. Once we understand what she thinks she's saying or thinks is funny or values, then we can adjust our approach so we can target the right spot for her.
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