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My 2009 Promise To Non-famous Persons With Autism Disorders

Posted Jan 07 2009 3:05pm
To the persons diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders who are not famous this autism dad wants you to know that I will not forget you in 2009.

And I am not alone. Parents, family members, carers and professionals across Canada and the United States will continue to fight for Applied Behavior Analysis intervention for autistic children and adults because of the incredible volume of research demonstrating its effectiveness in helping you make real gains in your life. And researchers and parents with common sense will continue looking for answers as to the cause, and possible cures, for the autism disorder that restricts your abilities to participate fully and independently in all aspects of life. We will fight for you, and alongside you, for decent residential care for all autistic youths and adults.

You have, unlike Albert Einstein, an actual autism spectrum disorder (Pervasive Developmental Disorder) diagnosis, but you will never receive a small fraction of the amount of time and attention that is devoted to speculation that Mr Einstein and other historical geniuses and talents were autistic. You may never pose for articles in New Yorker magazine, or tell breathless, gullible, CBC and CNN reporters that persons with autism disorders do not want to be cured. You probably did not attend a college for gifted youth and you probably do not work as a researcher with prominent neuroscientists and psychologists.

You may live at home, or in a community residential facility. You may live in full institutional care. You may or may not be able to read, and understand, this promise. If you can not then I hope that someone, a parent who loves you, a professional carer who helps you each day, will communicate the message to you in a way that is meaningful to you. Not so much that I personally will not forget you, but that they will not; they will be there for you and they will be focused on you and your needs. They care about you.

And in 2009 this father of a boy with autistic disorder will continue the fight on my son's behalf and on behalf of those of you who DO seek a fuller life through common sense acceptance of the realities of autism disorders, through evidence based interventions, through research into the causes and possible cures of autism disorders. The fight will continue for decent, autism focused residential care facilities.

You are not famous but in 2009 you will not be forgotten. This I promise you.


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