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Murray on having met four children, four dogs, four hens and lots more .....

Posted Jun 28 2011 6:21pm
It's me - Murray meant to be on Monday but a day late now!  I had a great weekend .....

I got to see Sorcha and her friends win their football on Saturday!

They won four games!  That was a lot of football!

But I was very happy when Dublin won!  It was wicked awesome!

Three weeks ago the girls were beaten by Cork in the All Ireland Final and I cried a lot that day!

But on Saturday I was happy and Clive was very proud of Sorcha too!

Later I met four hens ....
and four dogs - two were little Yorkshire Terriers called Lulu and Bobby ....
I loved meeting Lulu and Bobby and Chuckie and Tommy!

They were two labadors that are very old - well 12 years old which is just like me!

They are named after the Rugrats! I was very excited when I heard their names!

I loved petting Chuckie and Tommy!

Clive was very good and didn't mind me petting all the other dogs!
Clive looked at me a few times and he looked away when he got a bit annoyed but he was okay really!
Later on Sunday we went into Croke Park to watch Dublin play Kildare!

I love going into Croke Park to watch the Boys in Blue!  I used to find it very hard to sing the song 'C'mon ye boys in blue' because I kept telling Mom that these were MEN not BOYS!  But Mom has kept telling me over and over that it is just a song about the Dubs and it's okay to sing 'C'mon ye boys in blue' so now I can sing it and it's okay!

I love taking photos of the Artane Band as well ....

I took lots of photos!

Dublin won in Croke Park as well - the Boys in Blue beat the Lilywhites by one point in the last minute of injury time.  It was totally wicked awesome.  I nearly got upset when it looked like Kildare might win but it was okay and Dublin won and I could smile!  I jumped up and down with Dad when the ref blew the whistle!
After lots of football and visiting our friends with their four children, four dogs and four hens I told Mom and Dad that I had had a 'wicked awesome' weekend but when were we getting four hens for our garden!

They are not telling me when .....

I hope they do - I would like four hens!

that's me - Murray for a few days!
I get my summer holidays from school tomorrow - I am VERY EXCITED!!!

I am not doing summer camp!  I told Mom I want to stay at home with her and Clive!

Clive and me have lots of plans for the summer!

I hope Mom remembers that I am not doing summer camp and I will be at home with her on Thursday morning!!!

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