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Mumps Outbreaks Among the Vaccinated

Posted Jan 10 2010 12:00am

Mumps By Teresa Conrick

My daughter, Megan, has mumps titers that are 3x what the normal range is for immunity.  She received one dose of MMR at 18 months in 1994, so that would be 15 years ago.  I am interested in any facts about mumps and the science regarding it.  Nancy Hokkanen, a very smart autism mom from Minnesota posted this on my group and I want to share it here on AoA as it gives us some more information about mumps. Thanks, Nancy for researching this.


Sullivan County, New York. ... Of the 24 patients for whom vaccination status was reported, 20 (83%) had received age-appropriate vaccination with 2 doses, one (4%) had received partial age-appropriate vaccination with 1 dose, and three (13%) were unvaccinated. ...

Brooklyn, New York. .. Of the 61 patients (77%) for whom vaccine is recommended and vaccination status and age were reported, 47 (77%) had received age-appropriate vaccination, six (10%) had received partial age-appropriate vaccination, and eight (13%) were unvaccinated. ...

Ocean County, New Jersey.  ... Mumps vaccination status was reported for 29 (73%) patients, of whom 28 (97%) had received age-appropriate vaccination.

Rockland County, New York.  ... Mumps vaccination status was reported for 19, of whom 11 had received age-appropriate vaccination, and two had received partial age-appropriate vaccination.

Orange County, New York. ... eight cases occurred among the travelers ... Seven patients had received age-appropriate vaccination with 2 doses, and one was unvaccinated.

Quebec, Canada. ... By October 30, 15 cases (patient age range: 8--47 years) ... All patients were male, and 11 had documented vaccination with at least 1 dose of mumps-containing vaccine.

Transmission Outside the Religious Community

During June 28--October 30, five cases outside the affected religious community were reported.  ... Two of the five patients had received 2 documented doses of mumps containing vaccine, one had received 2 undocumented doses, and two had unknown vaccination status. ...

Health officials issued alerts in New Jersey, New York City, and elsewhere in New York state to health-care providers, urging them to increase active surveillance for mumps, to consider mumps diagnoses even if patients had documented vaccinations  ..."

The vast majority of mumps cases were vaccinated.

This report did not mention the proverbial unvaccinated American bringing mumps into any of these communities. Both New Jersey and New York only have medical/religious vaccine exemptions.

CDC studies on the 2006 large mumps outbreak found two doses of mumps vaccine were about 85 percent effective. 

DX "Prior to 1967, about 92 percent of all children had been exposed to mumps by the age of fifteen." ( Mumps)

Even with two doses, will the percent of immune, vaccinated adults be less than the percent of pre-vaccine era natural immune adults?  Would there also be a decrease in the number of babies without maternal mumps antibodies (protection) from their vaccinated mothers? 

Mumps infection is relatively harmless and rarely results in death while producing lifelong natural immunity. But as with any childhood infection complications could increase with age.

Minnesota 2006, 180 reported cases of mumps by age and per population -
18-24 years of age - 7.9 per 100,000 - vaccinate group  (HERE)
children <18 years of age - 5.2 per 100,000 - vaccinated group

adults age >50 years of age - 2.1 per 100,000 - born before vaccine was recommended
158 with known mumps vaccine history - 82% vaccinated

29 with history of no vaccination (including a 2 month old, too young to be vaccinated/no maternal antibodies?)

· 16 with history of vaccination, but number of doses unknown
· 22 with history of one dose
· 87 with history of two doses
·    4 with history of three doses
Minnesota 1987, 769 cases of mumps were reported in school age children.  A total of 632 children (82.2%) had school records indicating receipt of mumps vaccine on or after their first birthday (MDH)

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