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More terrible spirit seems to nike shox rivalry for sale put into the bottomless pit

Posted Dec 27 2012 7:07am
Sunset off the other, a small town to sleep, dust contents snow and sleep. Heaven and earth, small town, and dust content are the vast white one, but she did not in and left not a dust. The broad flat Medina, full grow wheat, verdant. Gathering sipping tea under the pergola and enjoy the cool air chat farmers. The conversation is full of joy, joking net meet. Only looking forward to the autumn quickly arrival, harvest atrium happy.Day unknowingly fell horizon. Bloody red sunset shining blockbusters Medina, Medina, and really has to do so as if the harvest season nike shox nz for sale has arrived.I do not know the sunset or dawn, a vague shadow standing in the Medina, is a person. He was the only one in the Medina, so the people until the day tomorrow, came to Medina start the new day's labors only understand the night that a sound particularly abrupt silence mean - he committed suicide in Medina.

He lying quietly in Medina day, beneath the pressure off the straw, stained with blood, bright red blood. He lay alone, was found on the eyelids dew still wet, shining in the sun a little light.He is a painter, like many artists, lumpen, for a pursuit artists, the poor is not a big problem, but deadly he is confused, because not understood because they are lonely.He painted a lot of pictures, can not people appreciate his paintings could not make money for him, and even more difficult for him to win the honor. He is living beyond their means, buy canvas, pigment money is far more than a minimal amount of money earned. More terrible spirit seems to nike shox rivalry for sale put into the bottomless pit, and not a little echo disappeared. He was just a very ordinary and even ordinary painters and not that people do not like his paintings, family people even think those things would scare children. He watched inputs and full of their own efforts and their own paintings with the same spirit of contempt, abandoned, put in a dark, dank corner, completely confused.
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