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More EDITS!>>>Reactions to 2nd round of packets

Posted Jul 14 2009 12:00am
I need to list the reactions to this round of packets. WHEW, this isn't easy and I'm very afraid of next month.

Day 1- very fussy pm
Day 2- fussy all day
Day 3- fussy all day and canker sore on inside of bottom lip
Day 4- woke up moaning, fever, night terror during nap, didn't sleep through the night
Day 5- fussy again, irritable, not wanting to eat, bumps on butt, white bumps on tongue, night terror during nap, and up all night and moaning
Day 6- fussy again, red bumps spreading to thighs, 6 or 7 white bumps on tongue, restless during nap, cried throughout the night
Day 7- woke up crying, napped only 40 minutes, rash now spreading up hips, on face and on arms
Day 8-woke up happy but had a very deep cough, did well in school, came home happy and looked better. Slept for 1 hr nap, around 4pm had complete meltdown and appeared to be in pain (therapists were at our house then too). Worked through meltdown, then went on swing and he seemed better. MB-12 , Slept all night.
Day 9- woke up fairly happy, still had cough, not wanting to eat, got to school and had meltdown on the ground...had some gas, and was miraculously better...cold like symptoms on the way home and almost fell asleep except for coughing, big pp after lunch, put himself to sleep for nap but woke up 30 minutes later completely drenched in sweat and crying in pain. This went on for an hour. He appeared to be having major gas pains. We decided to give him an enema and poof...another HUGE pp with chunks of yeast (sorry, TMI) like I've never seen before they looked like white chocolate macadamia me, he wasn't eating those. Miraculously healed. Swinging for 30 minutes then pool with Mommy for an hour and he was a very, very happy boy.

Ingredients in this round:

I just spoke with our homeopath and although she is very sympathetic towards Drew's condition, she believes this to be a VERY good sign. The rash on the body is a virus and the rash on his tongue is likely yeast. We are going to back off some of his droppers for a few days (clostridia, Nystatin and one other) and then add them back slowly to be sure they aren't aggrevating the situation. The herpes (sores in his mouth) are likely due to the varicella vaccine. No surprise there. She said to try to push forward and that this too shall pass. She is going to send us some "Max" droppers to help with the detox and maybe make him feel better. She's also going to send a liver dropper again which should help him to sleep better.

Considering that we're not into the major clears, I'm definitely worried. Well...Drew has already woken back up. I put him down at 8pm and it's 8:53... No sleep for four days!

EDIT: Today is Day 9 since starting packets and around Day 13 since starting new droppers. It's starting to look like a yeast die-off from the get go with the packet reaction starting on day 3 or 4. My guess is that the clostridia and Nystatin droppers were stirring the yeast and bacteria to get them out (detox). Then, the toxins were stuck in Drew's colon and causing major stomach pains and die off. To top it off, he was reacting to the vaccine clears. That pps was too much of a die off pp to not be one. We will probably have to really prompt the colon cleanse during detox of this nature because everything really seems to get stuck in Drew. Hoping for a better day tomorrow - Day 10
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