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Monster Beats pro Detox

Posted Apr 18 2012 12:20am
Beats Monster introduced a high-quality headphones, the most prominent is that the headset is by Grammy award-winning artist Dr.Dre and magic sound of the audio team of experts to research and development.With advanced speaker design and power isolation technology,Monster Beatsthe Beats can make better use of power and energy to further enhance the sense of low-frequency power.The same time, even in the face of the most demanding in the speed of sound, Rock, Hip the Hot R & B, Beats can, through its excellent structure, 110dB sensitivity, can be as much as possible to the details shown.In addition, specially designed earphones to provide additional space for a higher level of comfort and hearing, comfortable, breathable cushion to further reduce sweating, so you can enjoy music in a cool feeling.
Sound engineers, DJs, musicians, music lovers: Beats Pro is used by audio professionals for professionals, especially for like the sound balance and explosive power with plenty of headphones
Patent-driven technical and professional materials,
Beats By Dr Dre   packaging provides excellent sound
Provide studio-level monitor, ultra accurate frequency response, as the recording, mixing and playback tool
Deep low-frequency response and clean sound across the spectrum
Beats Pro, do not use the noise cancellation circuit amplification or add other frequency sounds, so you hear the bass, is not discounted.
Superior sound insulation
Increase the earmuffs Paomian density and precise isolation from external noise out, so you hear very accurate extreme clarity, treble, bass and surging and strong
Durable, lightweight aluminum alloy body
Solid body, long life, and can withstand prolonged use, the metal structure does not resonate and cause mechanical interference with the sound.
Patented dual input / output cable ports
Your headphone cable into the side of the ear, the other side of the port automatically switches to output mode, and then the same headset into the other person can hear with the music you are listening to
Unique folding style earmuffs
Backward rotation of the earmuffs can be easily when the headphones
Long reel headset line
There is a headphone cable reel design, when you think the line is not long enough, that part of the reel to play a significant efficacy
Cleaning of the ear muffs
Superior sound isolation,
Beats By Dremaximum comfort and minimal ear fatigue, removable and washable design
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