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monitoring point has cheap beats been completed or the transformation. January 1

Posted Dec 29 2012 7:20am

Member of political bureau of the CPC central committee, vice chairman of the central military commission FanChangLong and morning came out to the people's liberation army satellite Cheap Beats By Dre  navigation and positioning terminal investigation, on behalf of the chairman of the central military commission and xi jinping ii of beidou satellite navigation system the official opening my warm congratulations to the system construction, application pay hard work of the science and technology workers, army officers and soldiers express our sincere greetings. Hope everyone follow the world frontier science and technology, focus on the national economic and social development and military struggle to need, promote the satellite navigation system to a higher level and a higher level of development, system in safeguarding China's sovereignty, security and development interests plays a major role.

Member of the central military commission, chief of the general staff FangFengHui study together.

FanChangLong in watching the beidou 2 application achievement exhibition, system construction achievement report sheet, and listened to the report system operation, it is pointed out that the development of independent satellite navigation and positioning system, is the party central committee and the state council and the central military commission an beats by dre cheap important strategic decision. Beidou satellite navigation system is a dual-use, benefits, the army, the country and the people's important information infrastructure. The opening of system operation, is a great event, good, wedding, is of great significance. The results obtained, condensing all scientific and technological personnel, and all the officers and men of wisdom and sweat, reflected the independent innovation, the unity cooperation, crucial grams difficult, the spirit of striving for excellence, hard-won achievements, precious experience.

FanChangLong stressed that the beidou satellite navigation system, number two is a lot of information system based on the system, the stability of high reliability requirement, to manage and make good use of system, strengthen the system operation and maintenance to ensure that the system is stable and reliable to role.

Beidou satellite navigation system is China's independent construction, independent operation, and the rest of the world and satellite navigation system compatible with common global satellite navigation system, at present is in line with the "three steps" strategy steadily. The first step, built in 2000 beidou satellite navigation test system, namely dubhe number; The second step, the construction of beidou satellite navigation system no. 2, 2012, covering the formation of most parts service ability; The third step, 2020 years or so, will form the global coverage ability.

The people's liberation army headquarters, Beijing four big unit, the general office of the state organs and military leaders of relevant departments and so on attends the investigation.

Yesterday, she announced that, at present, the beijing-tianjin-hebei, Yangtze river delta and the pearl river delta key area and municipalities directly under the central government and provincial capital city, the city a total of 74 national ambient air monitoring network monitoring point has cheap beats been completed or the transformation. January 1, 2013, will be in accordance with the air quality new gb request, to carry out monitoring and real-time release of air quality monitoring data and real-time information such as AQI index.

According to introducing, she set in accordance with the previous "three steps" plan, this year, the national and local total investment of about 950 million yuan key support for the first phase of the implementation of the monitoring key areas and municipality directly under the central government, provincial capital city, city specifically designated in the state plan to carry out national ambient air monitoring network construction. At present, the first stage of the monitoring of the 74 cities kingdom control site has a new standard according to the air quality monitoring and release information ability, can real-time release particulates (PM10 readings - which were taken), ozone, fine cheap dre beats particles (PM2.5) 6 major pollutant real-time monitoring data and air quality index (AQI).

It is understood that the national ambient air quality monitoring network each site monitoring data, except in cities outside the release, but also in the national level of unified release, therefore, she finished the "air quality monitoring network publishing system". At present, all assume the task of the first phase of 74 cities 496 point according to the new standard are carried out by monitoring data and monitoring station network. January 2013, the public can through the network real-time inquires the so2, no2 and PM10 readings - which were taken, carbon monoxide, PM2.5, ozone 1 hour average concentration, ozone eight hours average concentration and AQI index.

This system has a multiple function, monitoring terminal, provincial station, city station are able to real-time air automatic monitoring point from kinds of analysis equipment acquisition monitoring data and the necessary equipment work status data, realize the monitoring equipment running status monitoring, routine data audit etc, to ensure the accuracy of the data.

From January 1, the public can through the China's environmental monitoring station web portal real-time inquires the relevant cities and point of air quality information. In addition, the system of mobile phone application software client will also release, cell phone users can through the China's environmental monitoring station portal website free download the trial in the first time, understand and master air quality and changing situation.

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