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Monday Mumbers: Pokemon edition

Posted Jun 15 2009 5:34pm

Well, since Cuddlebug and Bearhug are obsessed with Pokemon, I decided to make that the theme of today's Mumbers post. Here are just a few random stats and observations:

492 - total number of Pokemon in the National Pokedex (at least according to their rather large book on the subject)

204 - number of Pokemon they have spotted in their game

85 - number of Pokemon they have caught

582631 - number of times the boys tell me all about the latest in the world of Pokemon on a daily basis

0.0001% - frequency of how often I understand what they're talking about

1433 - number of pounds Giratina weighs (original form)

210 - number of Pokemon in the Sinnoh Pokedex

624 - pages in the Pokemon handbook Platinum edition

8 - different kinds of Eevee's

15 - the number of Pokemon on Bearhug's "top 10" list, lol

11 - where Pikachu ranks on Cuddlebug's list of favorite Pokemon

1 - Pikachu's "HP" (health points? it was his low HP that bumped him down to 11 on Cuddlebug's list)

947.3 - estimated number of hours the boys have spent playing Pokemon, or studying the Pokemon handbook, or talking about Pokemon, since they first got the game last month

2 - optimistic estimate of how many people made it this far without eyes glazing over... (haha)

"all dem" - number of Pokemon the boys know about (that was their response when I asked) :)

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