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Posted Nov 24 2012 1:48am

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That firearms soul temper the most irascible, where Ken by such threats, and immediately rushed out moncler women jackets desperately Yin Fei both Kankan hit a Yin Fei magic lever for suddenly stop down, followed by the next a crooked side and flew toward the gold Soul. Firearms soul is naturally unwilling to let go, followed rushed past, but the middle of the Yin-Fei of the law of the five elements g. Called the Five Elements grams, but wood grams of soil, soil grams of water, water, fire, fire, metal, metal, wood, Yin fly with it is this easy to understand, but the operation is extremely dangerous and needs to be itself as bait, cited the most irascible Firearms soul forward, led several other after this to the formation of the sequence. Is refining the critical moment, even if any one part slightly slightest makes a mistake, the entire five elements is the soul of it will be off the force control, before being suppressed fierce burst out together, not to mention he Yin Fei, heaven and earth before the mirror you Master, we have no guarantee to get out, he Lianqi six layers of a monk must die a sudden death on the spot, even the gray leave us. One hundred and eightieth the Five Elements protective cover The Baidu search bulbs book club read the latest novel One hundred and eighty first chapter ambush mirror If rain Chinese network update time :2012 -5-31 0:12:58 words in this chapter: 5348 One hundred and eighty first chapter the the ambush mirror (the date of the first more) The firearms soul cited live, Yin Fei and do the same wood soul cited live the gold is the soul, earthenware soul cited live in the wood soul, water is the soul cited live in the soil is the soul, and finally the water is the soul cited live a firearm soul, the formation of a circular chain of five device soul attracted to each other, track each other, no one could be from the detachment, while he pumped a gap drilled out, shaking two ** body, finally stand the pace. "This stuff really is not so good to deal with, Yin Fei said to himself, thanks to his magic control rather not weak, otherwise really afraid to go to refining this five is the soul of things, and now the most difficult and dangerous one off is over, he naturally also be relaxed, tilted her head to think about: "called the Five Elements shield, "Well, they is not literary talent, Sighed before most concerned about the matter of who Master, see ancient hammer and other people have nothing to go along with the meaning, also had tears in my heart silently, the heart must have the opportunity to help Yin fly to That thing is a change of name. No literary talent Yin fly this time it does not have this consciousness, cheerfully looked shield eyes already nearing completion of the five elements, something that has been forming in his mind for a long time, but there has been no opportunity to practice. Even before this production, how much his heart is also some not the end, only get down to the big sleep half a cheap moncler day, use a good mental state, to build this defense instruments used, did not expect to actually surprisingly smooth, originally considered The most difficult part was actually coherent completion. Seeing that five is the soul of flames burning increasingly frail, but still perseverance to catch up with the front prey elude hunters behind Yin Fei smiled, and 12 furnace external hard push one The furnace flame suddenly force, suddenly burst open to looked.

Five is the soul was already a spent force, but also moncler men jackets by a sudden blow, shake, do not re previously is so vicious, as Yin Fei palms emit mana turn arranged in order, and ultimately fell in line with their on the characteristics of the place, together with Moncler Jackets Outlet the soldering iron jade firmly,Became Xiaoye really be able to withstand the genius of living in a big scene, Yin Fei shield that the five elements collected, look at the timing of the hourglass, and it lasts the morning of the second day, he does not do other work, science museum to prepare good food, take out, sitting on the bedside gobbled up. "In the end is not where the goods, so many people inside, and also this kid to be able to eat rice, but also so sweet to eat, The bamboo groves sub Nianxu smiled to see everyone is smiling nod, he commanded beside the soldiers: "He considerable appetite, the thought that the exam no mind to eat and drink, but look now mean, already hungry, commanded to give him to prepare some of it, there are two days before it, starving how good can be. " The bamboo groves sub or dare in the the refining device Pavilion quiz Yin Fei, eat and drink, or to have the mood to eat and drink has always been not many students, free to prepare the diet also is meant, because, after all, not many really touch those things very understanding rushing production and inspection is not enough, where there is time to touch those non-essentials. Yin Fei monstrous doomed to not take the unusual way, the previously prepared three-day amount eaten for two days, and some even get enough, just think about the next but also to be something else, to when physical exertion will be great Do not eat we go. Are hesitant to stop there, or buckle moncler vest men for england under two meat Since elbow, just listen to the top of the burst ring, is a huge food containers fell from the sky, Yin fly a grab in his arms, looked up Guanqiao beaming Road : "Master, we know that I was thinking I would like to thank the students here, Swallow two large meatballs, they got caught in the mouth, a rice balls eater Yin again toward the material he had prepared, and prepare for his next work, same playful idea to spend a lot of thought to figure it out, ambush mirror. Strictly speaking ambush mirror, not the instruments used alone, but with the use of the Mamemaki soldiers seed complementary, effective from this perspective, it seems nothing is too practical things can be The ambush mirror focuses the ambush word above, it is the the Mamemaki soldiers seeds is one of the most embarrassing problems. Mamemaki soldiers, a thousand years ago, plagued most of the monk's spell, and now no longer any problems, use mana plus the Fu Zhi condensed, and then read the moving half-day spell, to be able to form the soldiers The use of this spell is very troublesome, and most of the monks of their prohibitive. However, in today's comprehension sector advances in technology, and threw the beans into soldiers is not a problem, from the kind of complicated spell means to become a mass-produced, readily the Mamemaki soldiers spilled can successful seed widely the middle and lower classes monk favorite, and one of the clouds sector Bestsellers. Mamemaki soldiers seeds have to mention here, which originally belonged to nine hundred years ago, green beans elderly patented non-renewable type of instruments used in Father's death, they immediately fall into endless lawsuits. Of course, is not to say that green beans elderly patents, but rather is no problem, and that his five disciples to see the inside of the huge business opportunity, and both want to inherit the door Jueyi patent and dominating this allows get rich line of business.

The original green moncler vest men beans elderly not know the heart or not, my own hands the Mamemaki soldiers seed production method is divided into five parts, each apprentice only teach a disciples when age is not, thought so long-term, who knows the old man dead died. Has become the year, can be considered well-things the disciples discovered, nobody eligibility inherited this thing, ultimately only to the will of the criminal law of clouds Road Church to go to court, waiting for the official to give a clear view. This to get a silk banner to suffer four bubble shit things criminal Tong and hardened certainly would not do it, they resorted to their greatest magic - half-baked green beans elderly patents into fifth, each apprentice each hand one, anyway, these disciples have a clear right to inheritance, and everyone learned they are different, completely impossible to patent conflicts, after each of how to develop their ability to see. Five apprentice natural also know that this is no way to approach is the best solution, it does not refute the holding freshly baked fifth patent back home after they let the disciples were painstaking research, development new products, and strive to make their own this part more to grab market share, and eventually buy all of the other four patents, like the master, become the boss of this industry. Everybody's qualifications Private Eyes, the family business is also a differential phase seems to get that part of the patent is not much difference, want to overwhelm the other four is easier said than done, cheap moncler jackets even with which a sudden strong burst, and the remaining four at once will unite forcibly resisted, never let a one individually bigger. So pass the coming year, nine hundred, no one did not eat others, but a firm under the joint efforts of the five moments have strong outside pressure, Mamemaki soldiers seed both quality and types than the original green beans for the elderly in the With a major breakthrough, despite the combat power of this thing is not too high, Fujin Dan monks can be said that it is useless, but for the monks of the middle and lower classes, but the good thing is undoubtedly inexpensive. The the Mamemaki soldiers the five patents divided into five major types of days, places, people, God, ghosts, simple is shining armor Tianbing, Ginko ground figurines, copper giant, fine iron God fight, Moyu Guicu, Of course, what these heavenly play God, things like Guicu can not be true, just the producers according to their own understanding, made out of a pawns. Five pawns has one of the most significant drawback is the poor a force of several hundred five major firm failed to fully resolve, is that these pawns IQ problems, difficulty or smaller, that is, how to control them problems. Want a mass production of pawns has the IQ, or that has a device soul, it is simply unrealistic things, If this is really the kind of ability, you a beans spread out, hundreds have is the soul and intellect the pawns they swarm, even if it is a saver monks could not carry, the five firm has long clouds profession to unify, so this kind of thing can only be passive instruments used no device soul, thanks to Caesar the pawns monks to control. This control method has become a big problem, and the original old monks Lian Ji, different types of blood associated with itself, these beans sprinkled pawns completely dead, there is simply a different master orders, get combat this thing, in fact, entirely gambling, or the use of escape.

Sprinkle a bag of beans out about a hundred soldiers, after these soldiers stormed toward them straight or neighboring direction, if slower to moncler vest women catch up with the enemy reaction, naturally difficult to extricate themselves stuck in the Battle Array, the effect it successful completion. Case of the kind of reaction faster monks, several turned to dodge past the pawns that teams do not know to be rushed to the place, the only reassuring, is the pawns will not attack a user or users the job after the first own blood into the inside. Five firms had been trial and error, you want to make something that can control the pawns, but the results are not satisfactory, not often mistakes lead users off guard killed opponents, is made out of things operating method too too complex, can not be spread to the general public, short words, this problem today is not completely solved. Yin Fei do ambush mirror, this is after he was wrestling with, fun to figure out that as long as his mind is no problem, these things produced as expected, the absolute best to become the Mamemaki soldiers seed with good. The core technology of this ambush mirror, Yin Fei, is to apply for a patent, also signed and the production the Mamemaki soldiers seed firm contracts and bundling, this is the single greatest wealth, far from the auction which one-shot deal that can be mentioned in the same breath. For the selection of the materials, he had to weigh a long time, eventually chose the medium quality, the price is not expensive days usha with this sand can be mined to the islands in the East China Sea, burning paper ambush mirror mirror. Days of usha original role is concealed stature, but a large number of used Behind bomb, a full day usha Behind shells hit out less sensitive to Reiki monks half a day can not find enough to enemy. Yin Fei's design is clearly more than a concealed stature is so simple, the position of the core technology is the conversion pawns days usha mirror made after he began refining the mirror center stone of heaven and earth. Heaven and earth stone and Qian Kundai but the one thing the fact each Qiankun Dai has a ground into a powder, smear on the the bag inner wall at the things around stone loading a large amount of space, so that it can have, and the higher the grade of heaven and earth stone, the greater the number and weight of the loaded. Yin Fei to do now is to play a soldier Road to heaven and earth stone, so those pawns can successfully enter, and in the direction they want them to appear. This thing seems simple enough, may want to let those silly blankly the pawns do it, is not so easy, Yin Fei initially this thing ever worry white hair, later or I put forward a suggestion in heaven and earth stone the sand surrounded by parcels on board, the pawns sucked, and then identify the orientation put out on the line. Sand board originally Breath adsorption instruments used must material, regardless of the effect of suction and ** are very good, Yin Fei tried a few times, and she can work, the only doubt is the ordinary things around stone Can exposed to so many soldiers, if looking for the kind of high quality, cost but a higher level. Qiankun stone needs two hundred days usha twenty-five to thirty four sand board takes about one hundred and the gold refined iron, about making mirror handle also need a few dozen, but produced a relatively cheap go to the shop to buy about 200 four or five, and then you would be endless.

No matter how much useless, eventually will have to see how effective, Yin Fei took out a pack of hundred people the moncler angers Mamemaki soldiers seeds, Caesar went to hand in the air, I saw the soldiers, so it exam room was something out of nothing that expand good big one venue. One hundred beans spilled on the ground, the metamorphosis of the 93 three soldiers, Yin Fei refused to go out and get the clouds Road will be complaints of fake and shoddy goods, will have to make probably look like an ambush mirror pendulum systemic mana quickly condense in the mirror on, sand board to respond quickly, and do not know which one hundred playing the fool soldiers who sucked. Installed one hundred soldiers come, Yin Fei produce their own piece of heaven and earth stone suddenly a rose can quickly blamed return to calm, apparently is able to fit this is the best result he wanted someone wants to, as they To replace the thousands eight hundred soldiers, that is people money, this rich natural and will not care about the price of heaven and earth stone, to when people change it. Yin fly this invention is actually what is too high technological content, but it is not what people can do it, which many fine places really made general mixing device division of a headache, and win wonderful idea, had no similar products, you want to apply for a patent, then, with his towering museum, it should not be a problem. Side of ordinary ambush mirror, cost about four hundred to four hundred and fifty, the price he then set at seven hundred, of course, buy a single price, and Mamemaki soldiers bundling can be cheaper think this thing is about to bring their own bonanza, Yin someone suddenly very happy. One hundred and eighty first chapter ambush mirror The Baidu search bulbs book club read the latest novel One hundred and eighty second chapter Wuyue night If rain Chinese network update time :2012 -5-31 0:12:59 words in this chapter: 4046 One hundred and eighty second chapter Wuyue night Morning early in the morning of the third day, when Yin Fei ambush mirror production is completed, double-check it, think that it is no problem, This assured a bold start dinner, waiting for the end of the chenshi exam, continue home Bulkhead to sleep for the night the activities to prepare. Ambush mirror, but he carefully crafted, and are used to making big money long-term, so tonight, the first appearance is essential, in connection with insignificant compared to that the five elements shield hand, Yin fly before the main effort put in the on ambush mirror, since this thing has absolutely no problem, that the five elements shield he saw too lazy to look at, pick up a chicken they chew up. Heaven and earth before the mirror all the Master, who is also no longer look at the students' work, anyway, wait a minute they have to piece inspection, the idea is not in a hurry in a moment, the ambush mirror alone ancient hammer Yin Fei made some curious, two bull's-eye tightly staring UN demands to be seen what the clues. Yes, Master, we really did not figure out this thing in the end is just before doing, Yin Fei soldiers suck into readily put out, did not demonstrate the functionality of this stuff personally, the Master have only little knowledge only. Also, the mirror does not completely well, after he also days usha mirror, sand board and heaven and earth stone with a variety of ingenious methods to connect, tried to be unimpeded thing wrong are not out, his superb craft, it touches on the Master, who nodded in agreement to see this Qiankun mirror in the end what is used, and everybody still have not figured it out. 

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