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Milwaukee Journal Sentinel on Flu Vaccines

Posted Nov 14 2009 12:00am
Flu shot By Anne Dachel

On Oct. 23, 2009, the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel published an article titled, As swine flu shots begin, officials fear shortage (HERE) by Mark Johnson.

It was a pretty typical piece promoting the flu vaccine and dismissing any adverse effects, especially any concerns over the mercury in the H1N1 vaccine. "One source of worry about the H1N1 vaccine concerns the use of a preservative called thimerosal, which contains mercury. [Geoffrey Swain, the city Health Department's medical director] said the intranasal vaccine does not contain this preservative. Although the injectable vaccine does use the preservative, Swain said the form of mercury present is ethylmercury, which is excreted from the body quite rapidly. Ethylmercury, he said, does not present the danger that toxic methylmercury does."
None of the officials mentioned in the J-S article raised any objections to the mercury-laced vaccines specifically recommended for pregnant women this fall. 

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