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Methyl B-12 injections...need to document

Posted Apr 27 2010 6:01pm
Here's the deal...about a month ago.  Well, actually closer to two months ago, we slowly weaned Drew off of his Methyl B-12 shots.  We did it slowly.  Originally, he was on them every three days, then we moved to twice per week, and eventually to once per week.  And finally, we just stopped.  Basically, there were a couple of reasons for this discontinuation: 1.) Hubby was leaving and I had a hard time giving the shots to him 2.) We were running out of them and didn't have any refills 3.) He had been on them for a year and a half.  From most parental reports that I've read, many parents haven't noticed too much of a difference once discontinuing.

To review, we began the shots in Oct 08 and noticed subtle results in the beginning; and then more obvious results about five weeks into them.  These injections did NOT produce speech.  They did, however, produce better mood, transitions, smiles, and finally babbling.  Language was better although it was not expressive at that time.  Cognitive skills definitely improved.  The results were strong enough that we did not skip a beat with them. 

Because we have achieved expressive language via HCH, we felt like maybe we could try to wean Drew off of the shots.  We were looking for a language regression if he needed the shots still.  Language stayed after taking him off the shots.  We felt good about our decision and that we could move forward without them.

Cut to two months later.  Potty training became a nightmare.  Moodiness and temper became a nightmare.  Language did not necessarily regress but it definitely plateaued.  Drew seemed to be plateauing all over the place except in behavior which was regressing.  We had one unhappy boy on our hands.  Something was very off and we just couldn't put our hands on it.  Then again, we also spent two months working on Drew's birth clear via homeopathy.  That was no little clear.  We also increased HepB, MMR, and DTaP potencies.  Hubby had also left to go back in the Army.  Drew had started a new school which would be a big change.  And, of course, we stopped the MB-12 injections. 

We tried everything to figure out what had gone astray....Again, so many things went astray that it is hard to pinpoint just one thing.  Finally though, it hit me that I had forgotten about stopping the B-12 shots.  I think that when I saw Drew's language plataeuing, the lightbulb went off.  In the past with homeopathy, we get bad behaviors but we always get language bursts.  So, I was pretty upset if homeopathy was causing the behaviors and the lack of language.

Could the B-12 shots be affecting his behavior and mood?  Could that be what the problem has been?  I went back and searched my blog for all of my posts on B-12 shots.  I noticed that what I consistently wrote when starting B-12 was that Drew's mood was better.  He had better focus and eye contact.  And, he began to give us smiles.  AHA!  That was the clincher.  I realized that Drew was not smiling at us anymore.  He was so unhappy.  So, despite our feelings of not wanting to continue on something for soooo long, we decided to start the shots again.

BAM! Language back and sentences soaring.  Smiles BACK!!  Temper and mood evened out.  And, even more amazing, Drew started INITIATING going potty while at school.  Don't get me wrong, he is still much worse behavior wise than he was about 2-3 months ago. And, still says NO to just about everything.  But, he was better.  Just in time too because Hubby's parents were coming to stay with us for four days.  I really didn't want him to be such a P.I.A!!  And get this....we took him out to eat two nights in a row with ZERO meltdowns.  If you know anything about my child, you know that is a big deal.

So, I'm convinced that he definitely still needs the B-12 shots.  His body still must not be processing it correctly which makes me sad.  We will continue with them in hopes that he will keep on with his steady rate of recovery.

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