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Melon and + 9 knicks send green army five straight rajon rondo and + 11 + 10 difficult savior

Posted Jan 26 2013 2:19am
The celtics home to a 86-89 loss to the knicks, but swallowed embarrassed five straight. Rajon rondo the game to 23 points, 10 rebounds and assists, 27th to career triple-double this season, and at the same time, personal 4 times to get the three double. Carmelo Anthony scored and the points, nine rebounds and amare stoudemire 15 points, nine rebounds and Jason kidd (micro bo) 12 points, schubert ten points and five rebounds. In the celtics Pierce 22 points 6 rebounds, garnett eight Nike Air Max 2013 points and 12 rebounds. The opening of the both sides after you come to me to, the score alternating rise, Bradley flank hit three points, the celtics after 7-5 lead. After the two teams last into the state, garnett side turned jumpers get two points, Jason kidd and through the driving layup also with color. The first section 1 with seconds left Anthony raid layup successful, the knicks to twenty - and two points ahead. But the celtics at the last gasp scored 6 points, and 24 - put twenty four points in the first quarter end for. Times a day the knicks came up and gave the green unlined upper garment army a unprepared, a wave of 11-1 after the attack, the visiting team to 31-25 lead 6 points. After the celtics in lang many led counter-attack, Pierce storm managed to finish the relay, Kevin garnett, 29-31, the knicks were forced to suspend request. After a pause long much break finger roll again, green and Pierce again air relay success, the celtics win success. This section of the padt green unlined upper garment army led by 6 points, but schubert immediately shot hit. The knicks rally, just before half-time amare stoudemire two free throws, the visiting team to fifty - and with Cheap Nike Air Max 2013 two points lead into the second half. The two sides are still turn to fight on, the score alternating rise, buss here just two free throws, Anthony will meet kidd assists the bottom line jumper inroads, 59 flat. Two evenly matched teams, green in the section with two points with 22 seconds hit three points, the celtics to a 66-65 lead again. But this day at the last gasp chandler and Anthony to hit 6-0 small high tide, the knicks to a 72-66 with 6 points into minor details. Small Anthony and puri, geoff for hit a 3-pointer to the knicks will extend the lead to two digits. The celtics had to continue to chase, rajon rondo through the cover jumper after grabbing rebounds, assists Bradley layup successful, now cut down 15 + 10 + 10 in long before the end of the game 5 minutes 53 seconds finished three pairs, and help the home team to tie the game at 76-82. This is his fourth season individual get Nike Air Max 2012 three pairs, is also a career 27th to get the three double. After more than long after scoring, before the end of the game 2 minutes and seconds he made two free throws, 84 -, - 86. But the celtics in the critical moment missed chances, JR before the end of the game 1 minute 11 seconds after Jason kidd assists a 3-pointer, and 89-84. Before the end of the game more than 39.5 seconds long jumper, Jason kidd missed three points after the celtics won the last wave chance to attack. Critical Pierce in 7.1 seconds before the end of the game, the interference of JR the reemergence fatal error! Green unlined upper garment army but go away at home. For the heat for this team, theme is "sacrifice", under the circumstances, it seems that players can choose role is not much, but he doesn't look like this. "In every game I play, I do my best to help the team win," bosh said. "this is I always concern, all I care about is the thing. The data and other things I never really concern, if I really look at it, I think I'm going to force yourself crazy." Bosh this season, averaging 17.3 points, this is just about his career and second low performance close (2004 - season, averaging 16.8 points), and Cheap Nike Air Max 2012 is averaging 7.2 rebounds is also tend to the lowest level the. But also, bosh averaging 33 minutes of playing time is the lowest of his career. "He for us to do all things are far more than the meaning of all star," heat coach, handsome said. "we know that bosh to our value is much, we again and again said, he is our most important player." "I have the ultimate confidence," bosh said, "this in my whole career is not what problem, I think I am the one of the strongest players in the league, no matter whether someone will dispute this statement, I don't care. What I think is the most important thing. That's it.
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