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Meeting Santa - 12 reasons to love Santa in Hamleys ....

Posted Dec 12 2012 6:57pm

Twelve reasons to love Santa in Hamleys ...
  • We didn't have to queue ( when we arrived at the ticket booth, the lady there very kindly left us for a moment and then came back and told us to follow her.  She took us to the exit and Murray and Clive got in to see Santa within five minutes of arriving there!  It made such a difference!  Thank you so much to the very understanding staff at Hamleys!
  • Santa was just brillant - he really was!  He got Murray totally and took the time to engage with him, talk with him and re-assure him.  It was wonderful!  Murray's Mom was so happy for Murray, so proud of Clive, so pleased with Santa!
  • Lots of wonderful photos and plenty of time to take them!  Thank you so much to the elf in Santa's grotto who took such lovely photos of the boys with Santa and then let Murray's Mom take plenty of her own!  We so appreciated it!
  • Toys - such good toys that Santa gave Murray!  Imagine Murray's delight when he got a Pluto Toy game and a Power Plane!  Anyone who knows Murray knows his obsession with all things Disney - he's been to Disney every year for the past ten years - his favourite Disney character is Pluto!  Guess, what Santa in Dundrum gave him - A Pluto Toy!  Also, a Power Plane and what is Murray going on in a week's time - a plane!  He was so happy!  This was not pre-arranged - it just happened but it was amazing!  Murray was incredibly delighted!  Well done Santa - we've always known you are magical!
  • The reindeers on the roof!!  We loved this story - Santa told Murray that he was transported to Hamleys earlier this morning by his reindeer and his sleigh which was currently up on the roof.  The reindeer were up there waiting to return Santa to Lapland later this evening ....  Murray was so excited!  Straight after leaving the Grotto - we had to rush outside to see if we could see the reindeer!
  • Looking through the list with empathy and understanding!  Thanks Santa for taking the time to talk with Murray about his list - which were all photos of the DVD's and books that he wants.  Thanks Santa for picking up on Murray's Mom's prompts so quickly and saying 'just the right thing' at exactly the 'right moments'.  We cannot thank you enough for this!
  • Santa's eleves - we just fell in love with the elves throughout the store!  They were brillant!  They chatted and chatted with Murray and Clive, they did the photos, they got Murray talking, they got Murray laughing!  We just loved those elves!  They also said just the 'right things' too!  You have no idea how important that can be to us!  It's makes everything just right!
  • All those huge plush toys!  Clive and Murray loved all those stuffed animal plush toys in Hamleys and Murray got huge fun from Clive being able to sit amongst all the animals!  Clive was really good and sat and posed and let lots of people take photos!  He actually really enjoyed it!  One good dog!
  • It's snowed!!! Yes, Murray and Clive couldn't believe it!  As they left Hamleys to go look for Santa's reindeer on top of the store, it started to snow!  Big, soft, fluffy snowflakes floated down on top of the boys!  It was magical!  They were so excited!  Okay, it wasn't real snow!  We don't often get real 'snow' here in Ireland but it was magical 'Hamley snow' and the boys were thrilled!
  • The elves came back out to play with the boys!  Yes, the elves were back and Murray was bursting with excitment again!  We loved that these elves took such time to engage with Murray and Clive!
  • The boys found lots of great toys and games in Hamleys that they loved checking out and also met lots of wonderful staff who stopped and took the time to talk to them and ask about Santa.  That made Murray even more excited about his visit.
  • When we were finished visiting Santa, we stopped back by the ticket booth to say 'an extra special thank you' to the lady who had made sure Clive and Murray got to see Santa so quickly and easily!  We were most appreciative of her kind comments and the gentleness and caring that she showed to the boys!
  • All in all, 12 great reasons to love Santa in Hamleys on the 12/12/12!

    Murray loved the fact that today was such a special numerical day and a day that was made even more special by our visit to Santa!  Such a great Santa!  As Murray's dad said tonight, after we had told him all about what a wonderful day we had had, "how can you not believe"?

    - Clive & Co

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