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Mean People Suck.

Posted Dec 03 2012 12:31am
Things I wish people would think about before opening their mouths (or keyboards).

1. You can't just walk up to your family doctor, say, "I think my kid has XYZ", and walk out with a diagnosis. This is true of the flu, of a broken bone, or even an ear infection. It is also true of diagnoses such as autism and ADHD.

2. You can't just walk into a school and demand your child have an IEP, and walk away with one. even when something is wrong, it can be very difficult to get the school to acknowledge that it has an impact on your child's education.

3. Just because you have a diagnosis does not automatically qualify you for an IEP.

4. Not all children with autism or ADHD take medications.

5. Most of the kids with autism or ADHD who do take medications are on anxiety medications. Think hard about what you take anxiety medications for when you do not have autism or ADHD. Guess what? That is what kids with autism or ADHD are taking them for. Think hard about that.

6. Kids with autism or ADHD are not lazy, crazy, or stupid. You can't beat the autism or ADHD out of them.

7. Not all kids with autism get a government check.

8. Kids with disabilities have the same rights to life, liberty, and happiness as everybody else. In this country, that includes education- even if you think they are "uneducate-able". They are still human beings, and they are still members of your community.

9. Using foul language and ugly words just emphasizes that you are a mean, ignorant, ugly person.

10. Saying/typing any of the above, and then justifying it by saying you work with special needs kids of any kind, have a medical degree of any kind, or have an educational degree or experience of any kind, also emphasizes that you are mean and ignorant. It also makes me want to track down who you are, to make sure your degrees and licenses are reviewed, and to be sure you do not really work in direct contact with any vulnerable population of any kind.

Because, seriously? Mean people suck. I wish we could put them in a nice social skills class, so they would have a chance to become constructive and positive members of society, rather than blood- and soul-sucking leeches.
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