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Math, Wonderful Math

Posted Sep 13 2008 11:55pm
Somehow, I got 2 children gifted at math. They certainly take after their father in that aspect because I hate math and it hates me too. LOL

With Madison, math always follows phonics. She has a hard time with phonics so I can get her through it with the promise of math. In phonics, we must break it down into increments so it might takes us all day to get through it. In math, we whip through it lickety split.

Logan has always been really gifted at math. We spent the past year doing rdi as our curriculum. You can't do school if he doesn't know that you have something important to say. Now that we have accomplished that, we are ready to move in the actual direction of school. So, for math, I chose Singapore Math. The main reason is that it starts teaching multiplication tables early and does a really thorough job of teaching math. So, he can find success in it even if he finds the multiplication and division fairly hard. As we work in his zone of proximal development, I must be sure that even if it is hard, it must be successful. Clear as mud , right?

Today, we played math war while Madison was at dance. I love the dance hour as I get the chance to just chill with Logan. No one else is around to bother us. Sometimes, we read or whatever. But, I digress. Math war was fun. A little hard but fun. He probably learned more in that 15 minute game than all week. But he had fun doing it. So, when I present harder topics to him, he will be confident that he can learn it. As Logan would say, "Easy, peasy, lemon squeezee". Most importantly, he learned that he can have fun and learn. I love home schooling!
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