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Maryland Authorities Charge “Lupron Protocol” Promoters With Unprofessional Conduct, Unlicensed Practice of Medicine

Posted May 19 2011 1:40pm

The father-son team of Mark and David Geier have been charged with violations of medical practice. Mark Geier is a physician and his son, David, holds a bachelor of arts degree. Maryland Authorities Charge “Lupron Protocol” Promoters With Unprofessional Conduct, Unlicensed Practice of Medicine is the most recent post by Kathleen Seidel of This follows the suspension of Dr. Mark Geier ( Maryland Medical Board Suspends Dr. Mark Geier’s License ).

Ms. Seidel’s post follows her practice of a very thorough, well linked discussion of the topic. Here is her first paragraph (without links):

On Monday, May 16, 2011, the Maryland Board of Physicians charged Dr. Mark Geier with numerous violations of the Maryland Medical Practice Act, and charged his son, David Geier, with practicing medicine without a license. The charges come three weeks after the Board summarily suspended Dr. Geier’s license to practice medicine, in order to prevent harm to the many autistic children entrusted to his care. The suspension was upheld by a subsequent order issued by the Board on May 12, one day after a hearing at which Dr. Geier protested the suspension and submitted affidavits of support from the parents of seven of his patients. These included a statement from James B. Adams, Ph.D., a professor of engineering at Arizona State University who, like Dr. and Mr. Geier, has frequently exceeded the bounds of his academic specialty to conduct medical research premised on the discredited hypothesis that autism is a consequence of vaccine injury.

It is well worth the time to read the entire post: Maryland Authorities Charge “Lupron Protocol” Promoters With Unprofessional Conduct, Unlicensed Practice of Medicine

  1. MikeMa:
    It is about time. These clowns have been ripping off patients and insurance companies for far too long. Chemically castrating young boys for profit - such pride the Griers must feel.
  2. Sam:
    It is so sad that the very parents who reject vaccines as harmful will allow their kids to be tortured by "chelation therapy" and poisoned by untested, dangerous chemical injections based on quack theories like the snake oil sellers the father and son "doctors" were selling. Some autistic children are forced by their parents onto extremely restricted diets, supplemented by expensive vitamins and "practitioner" visits. Don't torture, starve or poison your autistic child!!! Autism is a brain disorder and it is treatable by classes and therapies that have shown the test of time and actually have successful outcomes. But, most importantly, love your child as he or she is and get support from your local chapter of the Autism Society of America, or other local groups. Most children with autism are never fully cured, but they DO improve over time. The "miracle" cures are about as effective as placebos. The key is to give the parents hope so that they have enough energy to keep doing what is best--interacting, hoping, and loving their children. This means that praying for your child will be at least as effective or more than any quack theory out there--and much less expensive. Add proven classes and behavioral therapies and your child will have the best outcomes. There's a special place in hell for those who get rich off of taking advantage of desperate parents of autistic children.

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