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Long nose elephants and flower cat '

Posted Oct 19 2012 7:33am

An elephant is the river water. Suddenly I heard a burst of laughter, "ha ha ha......" The elephant turn head a see, oh! The original is a flower cat sitting in a tree.


"What are you laughing at?" "Laughter you that long and ugly nose"


The elephant sets of the cat said: "although I am ugly, ugly nose, but this has a lot of use!" Flower cat is still in the cheap beats by dre grinning from ear to ear, smile and smile, don't know is the branch broke, or cat playing the slides, roll roll a will fell into the river. It all out of breath ground to say: "big... like... like sir... please hurry up to save, save me, I can't again smile... smile you......" The elephant hurriedly his nose into the river and saved the cat.


One hot summer day, the Yangtze river water flooded flower cat home. Flower cats don't have a place. At this time, the elephant hurriedly put flower cat into his home, let it for a few days, we still use long nose luck to many wood, help it built a house.

Flower cat ashamed to say: "thank you, I will repay you!"

From then on, elephants and flower cat became a pair of help each other's good friend!



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