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Life's Lessons Learned (Or At Least a GOOD LAUGH!)

Posted Apr 07 2010 3:15am
Ugh...sometimes - i.e. MOST times - the fighting drives me CRAZY! Granted, it's pretty much inevitable when you have more than one child. Most times, I try to ignore it - otherwise, I'd be forever bickering. Seriously. Bickering. Constantly.

Because if it's not one pair of children, it's another. Or it's a trio of children. Or even a quad. All day. Every day.

And I get that. I do. As a sibling myself, I've been there. And there was nothing that my parents could have done to stop it. They just had to let us be. Except...

When it got physical. When it gets to that point, there usually needs to be an intervention. That's logical, right? The real question is, what kind of "intervention" do you choose?

For my husband and me, our typical consequence-of-choice for the kids is a loss of electronics. And it is still considered cruel and unusual punishment by them, or course. However, the other day, I decided to try a different tactic.

Bradee and Rogan were hitting/choking/body-slamming...I don't know. whatEVER it was they were doing to each other, I just know it was physical. They both had a different story. Tired of it, and wanting them to give serious consideration to the situation for once, I told them that they needed to write each other apology letters.

With minimal guidance, here's what they came up with..

Rogan's letter to Bradee

And here's Bradee's letter to her brother:

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