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Left Brain Right Brain is the (cough) "True Autism Community"

Posted Mar 31 2010 5:16pm
I know I just got done talking about these chaps but I ran across some more nonsense earlier today and couldn't resist commenting. Over at Left Brain Right Brain, Kev is pontificating about what the GMC should do to punish Dr. Wakefield for his terrible crimes. Should they make his name shorter by chopping off the Dr. or should they perhaps boil him in oil?

As I have said before, the medical community is going to have their pound of flesh from Dr. Wakefield, so I would be willing to betting they will making his name shorter. Although, if Brian Deer has a say, I wouldn't rule out the oil quite yet. After all, he is going to need something to do now that his favorite whipping boy is gone.

Anyway, Kev was rallying the troops and encouraging them to contact the GMC to make their feelings known when he said this -
You can play a part in helping to make sure that the GMC know the feelings – the anger – of the true autism and autistic community and by urging them to strike Wakefield off.
There you have it, LBRB and its audience represents the "true" autism community.

Yeah, um, OK, if you say so Kev.  I guess that means the rest of  us must be impostors or shills.  I do have one question though.   Isn't the GMC supposed to be an unbiased forum where evidence and reason hold sway?  And if so, what possible difference would the "anger" of the "true autism community" make?

I don't think I really need to point out the absurdity of Kev's statements. But I will say that when a small minority group declares that they are the "true" community and encourages their members to show their righteous anger it never ends well.

Next stop - Waco, Texas.
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