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learning kobe bryant shoes nz seems less hard

Posted Oct 10 2012 8:24am
Evening, his father Leo Syria called around, tougher He said: "Syria Leo! You know me in order to feed their families, how to work hard you do not know? I order you to take life in the fight too! thou anything do not want to, regardless of how your nike air max 1 online parents siblings! "Ah, not you do not want to say this, Dad! "Syria Leo tears in my eyes begged. He really wanted to go through all that, but the words into the mouth and swallowed it, the heart repeatedly said: "My God, we can not say, or has been Man Xiaqu helped her father to do things it non-learn non-school homework, but more important is a father to help support his family, his father's little to alleviate fatigue. doing so on! "

Two months later, Syria Leo continue every night work during the day and jaded; father met his son, still angry. The most sad is the father of his son grow cold. He seems to think that this child too disobedient, there is no hope, so do not talk too much with him, or even want to see him. Syria Leo saw this shall not sad got. Fatigue coupled with the sad, his body is getting weak, face grew pale, learning kobe bryant shoes nz seems less hard. He is also aware, non-stop not work at night. When to go to bed every night, he often said to myself: "From tonight onwards, really no longer up." But one twelve o'clock, and the determination unknowingly shaken, as if asleep it up, that is, evade their responsibilities, and stole home to two cents. He could not help but still get up. Syria Leo listened to my heart like a knife. Father unexpectedly without him! This is the past even he coughs have to worry about the father had not. The father does not love him, the eyes he has. , Dad! Without your love, I can not live! - No matter what, you do not want to say I am wholly honest, no longer hide the truth and you as long as you still love me no matter what, I hard. certain as before, ah, this time I really determination! "
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