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Learn mandarin Chinese online the best way to learn Chinese language

Posted May 22 2013 7:38am

Many regular readers of this blog are either Chinese speakers or aspiring Chinese language students. For those of you in the latter category, if this is the year you’ve decided to fully commit yourself to learning Chinese, I want to offer some tips on the best and most efficient ways to do so, based on many years of my own experiences trying, failing, and eventually succeeding in learning Mandarin fluently.
Online 1-ON-1 Mandarin Lessons With your own private “Native Speaking Chinese Teacher ”, Learning Mandarin Chinese becomes fun and easy. Learn it Anytime & Anywhere!
All Mandarin is your online solution to learning Chinese language. Now you can truly learn Chinese anytime and anywhere, live on the Internet with our Chinese tutors. Don‘t be fooled by tapes, books, or ‘interactive ‘study programs which are just fancy software.
All Mandarin is a valuable platform for Learning Chinese online which can increase individual and corporate study effectiveness, decrease study costs, and enhance competitive advantage and learning quality. You can set your own schedule for learning Chinese language through online reservations with professional, native-speaking teachers in a virtual classroom, offering a highly interactive study environment.
AllMandarin is the only company that can give you an excellent alternative to learn Mandarin Chinese that is not only better, but also more efficient in terms of cost, flexibility and learning methods.
All Mandarin carefully selects every online Chinese teacher through an individual interview, followed by a special training and a consultation session. All our Chinese teachers have a teaching Chinese certification and at least 3 years’ teaching experience.
Online Chinese Courses
AllMandarin specialises in delivering Online Chinese courses tailored for individuals that want to improve their communication skills. We tailor your lessons to suit you and your learning needs.
The aim of all our Chinese courses is to enable you to communicate fluently, confidently and effectively in Chinese. You may also wish to focus on a specific area most relevant to your learning needs. We are totally flexible and will design and develop your learning around your exact needs and learning objectives.
The regular Chinese lessons are designed for learners who wish to receive a systematic Chinese training in listening, speaking, reading and writing. It is suitable for any student, from the total beginner to the highest level.
AllMandarin caters to all business students by designing lessons that focus on the needs of each individual student. Due to the vastness of business Chinese, AllMandarin focuses on the issues that you deal with on a daily basis.
The Survival Chinese course is intended for students who wish to learn basic conversation skills so that they may function in China or a Chinese-speaking country more easily. It is also for pre-intermediate learners whose grammar knowledge outweighs their communication ability. The Survival Chinese lessons provide grammar and communication practice in a range of situational contexts. Through a series of role-plays and vocabulary activities, we will cover giving directions, restaurants, shopping, visiting the doctor, going to the pharmacy, banking, hotels and airports.
Prepare your children for their future with live online kids Chinese lessons via Skype. Your children will learn to speak Mandarin Chinese from the best native teachers, without having to leave home.
The Teens Chinese lessons are specifically designed to meet the needs of teenage students, aged 14 – 17 years, while they learn Mandarin Chinese. In these Chinese lessons for teens, the students will receive systematic training in four aspects: listening, speaking, reading and writing.
The Hàn yǔ shuǐ píng kǎo shì (HSK), or the Chinese Proficiency Test, is an standardized exam for non-native speakers to measure their Chinese levels. Our HSK preparation program prepares students for the HSK test and focuses on learning different skills and strategies necessary to pass the HSK test. Our professional teachers will select appropriate HSK-related materials and design the course based on your actual specific needs and level.
Every new customer can take one free Chinese lesson. It is completely free and there is no obligation. The only purpose of the free Chinese lesson is to help Chinese language learners to get an idea of how our system works. Please ensure that you fill in the correct contact information. Our live support staff will contact you by Email/Phone within one working day. We will help you set up everything and get you ready for your free Chinese lesson (Live)!

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