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Posted Mar 21 2010 9:01pm

Bonnie Skala Kiladitis Blogger mom whose 5 (of 6) kids have ASD. I've never read about someone so anti-biomedical. She's certainly earned her right to speak but she's quite negative towards DAN! (P.S. Certainly does not surprise me that it's an AOL article - they get $$$ from Pharma ads.)
March 14 at 4:46pm · View Feedback (2)Hide Feedback (2) · Report

Kim Rossi Stagliano
She appeared on Extreme Home Makeover - many of us (who found the GFCF diet ameliorated behaviors) commented on the grilled cheese sandwiches she was making as she spoke of her child who liked to break things. I wish them well - it's not easy to have more than one on the spectrum that's for sure. I have three. She has 5! Wow.
March 15 at 2:40pm ·

Marco Loretto
Good for her. Let her continue in her misery. Fact is she is like many who are too lazy to do what it takes.Only fanatics get to recover their kids.
Fri at 9:50pm ·
I just found this on the Generation Rescue Facebook site.....
I must comment...
First off...
Bonnie...Kim was also featured on the AOL Health site ...did you miss that one?
Is she paid off by Big Pharm too??
Or is it because she is on your does not matter that Big Pharma paid for
some ads on AOL ?
Kim...My son liked to hear glass break...He does not do that any more.
Is he cured?
Don't think so. But he has alleviated that behavior. He still loves his cheese, but
now prefers it on a tortilla now.
Do you know me?
How the heck can you call me lazy?
I wake up every day at 6 am.
I put my first child on the bus at 6:3o am.
I walk my second child to school at 7:30 am after I feed the 3 middle children.
My oldest gets on the bus at 8:30 am and then I am at work by 9:00am.
I work until 5:00 pm when I start dinner.
By 10:00 pm I am able to finish the dishes (no dishwasher thank you) and get
to take my bath.
I am very lucky to get to bed by midnight.
I am not complaining, by the way...just stating the fact that I am not LAZY....
My husband and I work our butts off to get our kids to school, school activities,
sports, therapies and other appointments.
They are amazing kids....
Sorry you did not get that from the interview...if in fact you actually read it...
Oh, and I am not miserable...btw !!!
Okay, I have let off my steam..
I did not name call...I just stated what the facts are...
I really don't care if any of these people see this...
This rant was for me....
Man...I feel so much better now....
Off to bed.
Back to school tomorrow..after Spring Break...6 am comes mighty early !!!
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