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L.A. authorities find first victim in videotaped sexual assaults

Posted Jan 13 2011 12:41pm

The LA Times recently had a story about sexual abuse of disabled women. Ken brought the story here to LeftBrainRightBrain in Videos show rape of disabled women, police seek help to ID attackers . CNN is now reporting that one of the victims has been identified and one suspect is in custody: L.A. authorities find first victim in videotaped sexual assaults .

Investigators have found the first victim in the videotaped sexual assaults of severely disabled women, and the woman alleges a suspect already in custody had raped her in a Los Angeles care home, authorities said.

The woman, 25, now resides in another Los Angeles County residential care facility. Her medical condition causes her to be physically defenseless, Los Angeles County sheriff’s investigators said.

Having found one of the victims, they were able to obtain information on an alleged attacker:

The woman, found by state investigators Monday, made the sexual assault allegation against Ernie Lloyd, 27, who had turned himself in Saturday following widespread media coverage of the videotaped sexual assaults and a manhunt for four suspects depicted in police sketches. Lloyd was charged with rape of a person with disabilities Saturday after he “implicated himself,” authorities said.

Once again, here are the sketches of the attackers:

  1. Robert Estrada:
    This is an admittedly emotionally based two word response. Leaf chipper.
  2. stanley seigler:
    post to/from another blog. Re: Disgusting, Depraved The rape of 10 disabled women is either an isolated/exceptional "unfortunate incident" or the tip of the iceberg: the Federal authorities should investigate. [noria] there have been many iceberg tips: the deplorable conditions reported by CMS/HCFA and sanfran chronicle (1998); the murder of marky in Lanterman DC (2002); broken homes articles (2006)...the beat goes on... DOJ Investigation of Lanterman DC (developmental center) (2006); beating a disabled man in an Anaheim facility and recording the attacks on a cell phone camera (2008); Mentally Disabled Forced Into 'Fight Club' at Texas Home (2009)and the latest reported, The rape of 10 disabled women ...the beat goes on and on and on the tip (definition): Only the beginning; just a small indication of a larger possibility; a problem is much bigger than it seems... all the unreported abuse and lives of benign neglect are the much bigger problem...under funded, poverty wages to care providers bare much responsibility for the tip and the larger possibility... lack of accountability, inefficient bureaucracy are close seconds (maybe prime) the gov/legs solution: cut funding to programs. perhaps some brown seem to be making a little effort to ameliorate some cuts in, extention of some taxes. stanley seigler

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