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just what method could be the gigantic mango going down

Posted Oct 09 2011 3:58am
"How can you be innocent." Liu2 xing look at each other and smiling, said, "to my dad for, you but it's hero, big hero."Depressed, resentment, not great, liu2 xing never bear not to live, hand caught XiaQiu clothes brought."Son, I learned very early see you not great, now we both the husband and wife will give you some return."Summer rain the sleeves wan up, was blunt XiaQiu flick to the past. At that time, the bitchy laughter, cries of sorrow, from you can't have them.a. farewell party chapter three hundred and eighty.fiveLiu2 xing and summer rain in the room after good habit, never left pandora beads hate hotel, and swear never to this. Of course, when the exciting and a lesson the xie, also didn't touch him, but put his arm out the just, dislocated half an hour to find a doctor or may receive back.Leave the hotel, leave Chinatown, a line of person overbearingly open a hummer leave. FiveFrom the evening farewell party and not go to what hotel, but in villa. Delicate pastry, pizzas, some staple food are these women handmade, it's another liu2 xing for these people sit up and take notice up. Fruit salad, vegetable salad, red wine,, sitting room on the table has been filled up with food, pandora beads and the Santa Claus took out the red hat, Christmas seems to still have a month's time. No sad, some just carnival, the largest open acoustics, rock crazy breath filled the villa, the whole house seem to follow the same vibration. In the spirit of what the trend of punk. Damage, complete destruction and thorough reconstruction, the pursuit of is the kind of exciting sense. In this way to release the spirit of these people is again appropriate did not pass, and liu2 xing also really felt the summer rain crazy side.Crazy, just crazy. Exalt her arms, strong and waist, the pandora bracelets swinging head, complete the vent to relax. Liu2 xing really afraid of the body and the woman apart. Farewell party very green, at least not in the legend see liu2 xing drugs, lousy hand in a scene. It looks like the summer rain hand in these friends are good. The atmosphere at this moment as if update, a few women have put off his sweater outside, dressed only in underwear began to crazy twist. Of course. In addition to the summer rain and. Dina. Listen to the summer rain said six women, two are not gay, liu2 xing to now in addition to Tina is still don't pandora charms the other one is who, because the other five people move completely the same.The five women, between each other stroked, kissed, sweet colourful degree let LiuXingZhen a little not sustain. After all, liu2 xing is the first time that the real close live observation female female mstching, really let liu2 xing opened my eyes. Liu2 xing a little do not hold to, go to the window, let the body blow the head of heat drop a drop.
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