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Just one of those days....

Posted Oct 07 2009 12:00am
Hubby is out of town; so Drew and I are at it alone. Despite the major meltdown this morning getting into the car, and then the next one upon entering speech....all was well. I can do it. I can do it. I can do it...said that little momma that could. Until.

Until I was upstairs preparing Drew's afternoon homeopathic remedies... I came back down to a staunch smell and a naked child. Eeeww... what's that smell? Uh...why is my child naked? OMG...what is that piece of green clay on my tile floor...and that piece...oh no...not my rug...not my ottoman.... For the first time, Drew figured out how to undo his diaper apparently just after a huge, well, you know. This sort of thing actually happens to a good friend of mine often. It hasn't happened in our home yet. Today would be the day.

That's ok...I'll take him upstairs, clean him up, and put him down for a nap. Then, I'll go back down and figure out how to clean up this rank mess. Nope. See, for the past three days, Drew has refused to go to sleep without fighting us with a terrible tantrum. This has only been happening at bedtime but today, it was naptime. I couldn't deal. I ran to grab his "Emotional Dropper" and gave him a few squirts and let him watch *gasp* SpongeBob. I know, it's a terrible show and he actually never watches it. I didn't care... Five minutes later, I gave him a few more squirts and then he was good. He went to sleep...for 45 minutes.

During the 45 minute nap where I viciously scrubbed my floors, then myself, I hurriedly ate leftover Hamburger Helper (I know), and went up to my room to straighten. As I was cleaning up my bathroom, I picked up my towel that I had left on the counter...CRASH, SPLATTER, *curse words*... I had thrown Drew's emotional dropper on my towel and forgot about it until it fell to the floor and broke and spilled everywhere.

PANIC. I'm in the middle of the MMR, Hib/Hep, Varicella, etc clear and my son has turned posessed. Now, I don't even have the emotional dropper. Not good. The one night that I was determined to go at this alone successfully has so far proven to be not so successful.

When our therapist arrived this afternoon, I was in my pajamas, house still pungent, and I apologized for the glass of wine in my hand at 4pm...

Notes:MB-12 yesterday, stomach ache and 3 tantrums yesterday, lots of cultured veggies, and kefir yesterday may be causing gas pains. Peak of clear - Hep probably causing aggression
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