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Just a brick in the wall..

Posted Apr 14 2009 12:00am
So long weekend is over and Khaled's cousins are back in school, which means we are home alone during the day. I thought I should take a trip down memory lane and revisit the early years center we used to go to when he was much younger. They were never much fun as Khaled never sat down for circle time but at least there are some different toys and if we are lucky I thought we may find some water play.

First stop: Early years center in Port Credit Secondary School. Too small and one woman in charge. I found her annoying from the get go as she was crowding and grabbing Khaled to get him to keep his socks on and shoes off. Now when shoes come off, socks also come off. They may go on again later, but these two steps happen in succession. That is the way it is. This stupid woman would not give me two seconds to explain or let me control my own child, she was just in there trying to catch him while he ran around the room. Then there were the Philippino ladies with the white children. Now I have nothing against nannies or Pihilippinos, I grew up in Dubai. But they sort of gather round the sofa and chat in their language. Moms who come with their kids are much more sociable.

We were out of there before circle time. Needless to say we are never going back there again.

Next stop: Early years center on Central Pkway and Mavis. This was our local one when we used to live down Elm street. They have friendlier staff and its much bigger. I remembered some of the faces. The good thing about this place is that it always has moms who come with their kids (less affluent neighborhood perhaps?). By now its 11:00 am and Khaled has been up for 5 hours. He just wants to play with the automatic door. I tried to explain to the lady that he has autism and asked if she knew what it was or if any of her staff knew. Her face went a paler shade of pale. She looked so terrified. Had I just stripped naked? (Not that I am that scary naked, but thats another post). She said they were aware of what it was and that it was a spectrum of - I lost her thread of conversation there as Khaled had just pushed a little girl. He loves little girls, but she just happened to be in the way of the automatic door and how can an automatic door close if someone is standing in the way? They must be removed.

With trembling hands she handed me my membership card and told me that next time when I came in just to let the circle time lady know that Khaled may not be sitting through circle time.

So a Harvey's burger later, here we are back home.

New issues

Khaled has learned to open the front door lock. It is a tiny little hidden button that we thought he would never find, but we were wrong. I have asked the lady of the house, but she was too busy to put one yesterday and now they are all at work and will possibly come home too tired etc etc. If she doesn't do it tonight I will just call the locksmith tomorrow. That will be $70 down the tubes but better than the possible alternatives.

Tonight we are due to meet another family living with Autism.

So that brings us to issue number 2: driving on highway. I have however found a local route and prefer to stay stuck in traffic for an hour than drive fast.

Which brings us to issue number 3: Zee has mistakenly taken the nursery rhymes CD back with him to England. Now I will have to sing the whole CD all the way to Brampton.

On the way home this morning Pink Floyd was on the radio and in my head was a little movie to which their song was the sound track. It was a movie of Khaled's tantrums, obsessive behaviors and other stuff. I mean it just fit so well. I have to make my own video to this song one day.
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