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Judge Rotenberg Center: Teen tied and shocked for hours; mom calls it “torture”

Posted Feb 20 2012 11:37am

From a tip by Massachusetts Students United Against The Judge Rotenberg Center (A Facebook group) comes this story at Fox News in Boston: Teen tied and shocked for hours; mom calls it “torture”

(FOX 25 / – Video of a disabled teen tied down and given painful electric shocks for seven hours should be made public, the youth’s mother said, so everyone can see what she describes as the “torture” her son went through at the controversial school, the only one in Massachusetts that uses pain to treat its clients.

“This is worse than a nightmare,” Cheryl McCollins said about her disabled son, Andre. “It is horrific. And poor Andre, who had to suffer through this, and not know why.”

The ordeal began after Andre hit a staff member. Inside a classroom, as a camera was recording, he was tied to a restraint board, face down, a helmet over his head.

He stayed like that for seven hours without a break, no food, no water, or trips to the bathroom. Each time he screamed or tensed up, he was shocked, 31 times in all. His mother called the next day to check on him.

“I said, ‘Andre.’ I said, ‘Hello.’ And so he said, ‘Help me,’” McCollins said.

“help me”

Andre spent 7 hours strapped to a board, shocked 31 times. As a result he ended up hospitalized. The mother wants the video of the incident made public. JRC wants to keep the video sealed.

The full story is here and Here is the video of the news report from Fox News:

  1. Catherina:
    I think I am going to be sick...
  2. jessica:
    i think that the judge rotenburg center just gets a bad name for what they do. its not like they shock every student. that teen had his moms approval for the shock treatment so it is contradicting for her to be complaining about it now.
  3. SALLY:
    10 years ago I accepted a position at JRC. I was told that JRC uses shock as negative reinforcement. I never shocked anyone except myself. 10 years later I have a scar on my arm where this one shock burned me. I could never do that to someone and call it therapy, so I quit before the 2 week training period ended. During those 2 weeks I witnessed torture being masqueraded as therapy. JRC also used food deprivation as "therapy", even testing for ketones when the "therapy" took longer then they anticipated. Many of these children are forced to wear the shock devices 24/7 even being made to shower with an arm or leg with the device outside of the shower. Many children wear a shock device on each extremity so they can be shocked multiple times at once. What this so called school does is not treatment or therapy. JRC uses torture to control.
  4. sharon:
    My heart breaks for every autistic person there. This is barbaric in the extreme. Like Catherina I feel sick.
  5. diane:
    This is sickening and heartbreaking, yet I can not fathom that parents would send there child there given their prior record and if you read their website regarding "aversives". I can not believe this allowed in this day and age!!!

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