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Join Age of Autism Live Blogging & Tweeting During The Vaccine War on Frontline

Posted Apr 26 2010 12:00am

Frontline You're invited to join us here at Age of Autism and on Twitter for live blogging/Tweeting during PBS Frontline's  "The Vaccine War" tonight at 9pm EDT. Check your local listings. We have heard that Dr. Jay Gordon and Dr. Bob Sears, who were interviewed, were left on the cutting room floor, ensuring that the slant is "Mommies and Daddies and activists" versus "science." We'll have to watch to find out for certain. Here are the PBS sites where you can comment as well. 
PBS Ombudsmen for Feedback

From their site:

Public health scientists and clinicians tout vaccines as one of the greatest achievements of modern medicine.  But for many ordinary Americans vaccines have become controversial.  Young parents are concerned at the sheer number of shots--some 26 inoculations for 14 different diseases by age 6--and follow alternative vaccination schedules advocated by gurus like Dr. Robert Sears.  Other parents go further. 

In communities like Ashland, Oregon, up to one-third of parents are choosing not to vaccinate their kids at all.  And some advocacy groups, like Generation Rescue, argue that vaccines are no longer a public health miracle but a scourge; they view vaccines as responsible for alarming rises in certain disorders, including ADHD and autism.  This is the vaccine war: On one side sits scientific medicine and the public health establishment; on the other a populist coalition of parents, celebrities (like Jenny McCarthy), politicians and activists.  It's a war that increasingly takes place on the Internet with both sides using the latest social media tools, including Facebook and Twitter, to win the hearts and minds of the public.

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