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jenny mccarthy: more ammo for angry neurodiversitites?

Posted Apr 09 2009 7:16pm
I have just read an interesting piece about Jenny McCarthy. These are some stories that her ex-husband are claiming about some rather salacious sexual exploits that Ms. McCarthy was involved in. As most persons interested in autism know, Jenny McCarthy has a son with this ex who has been diagnosed as autistic (the son not the ex). She has embraced biomed treatments and the rather notorious generation rescue run by the litigation happy J.B. Handley. She is now claiming that chelation and other biomed treatments have cured her son as well as other questionable allegations.

Though I despise the neurodiversity movement, I do agree with them that McCarthy is doing harm and giving parents false hope. However, I do believe she is a mother who has the best intentions and wants to help her child and other children. She does seem to provoke the ire of the neurodiversity movement and autism diva once called her Jenny McDumbbell. Since ND's often want to engage in personal attacks I suspect they may use this article as further ammo.

On an interesting side note I met Jenny McCarthy at a DAN conference. DAN conferences are not something I would normally attend and I would probably never go to one again, but Stephen Shore who is a friend of mine was presenting at one relatively close to where I live, so I checked it out. McCarthy had stated on the Larry King show that she had never met any autistic adults. Steve, a girl named Kelly, and myself were the first adults with autism that McCarthy met. When I pointed that out to her, her response was "you guys are awesome".

Also interesting is the last line of the article with John Asher, McCarthy's ex, making the comment that having an autistic child either brings the parents closer together or pulls them apart. It would seem that he is implying that their son's autism is responsible for their divorce- I kinda suspect that's going to rattle the cage of ND just a smidgen.
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