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Jenny McCarthy loses gig for health-related fundraiser

Posted Feb 03 2013 1:16pm

I haven’t spent much time discussing Jenny McCarthy in a while. The reason is pretty simple, aside from her annual presentation at the AutismOne parent convention (where she criticizes parents who don’t use alternative medicine ), she’s basically dropped out of the public discussion on autism. Years back she stopped expressing her views on vaccines publicly. Gone are the days of shouting “bullshit” at pediatricians on national TV and leading “green our vaccines” demonstrations in Washington DC .

So when I heard that she was going to headline a fundraiser for a cancer charity in Ottawa, I didn’t feel any need to write about it. Sure, it was a bad decision on the charity’s part. Why spend some of their credibility on Ms. McCarthy?

We are talking a cancer charity. Cancer patients often have reduced immune systems due to treatments they receive. They are highly dependent on the rest of us providing protection from serious vaccine-preventable diseases. The efforts of Ms. McCarthy and her organization have, by their own words , reduced vaccine uptake, endangering the very population the charity seeks to serve.

The Ottowa Citizen is reporting that Ms. McCarthy has been replaced for the event. I thank the charity for that. Ms. McCarthy is tweeting that she has a conflict and had to pull out. If this is true, perhaps she could return the “financial settlement” she is reportedly still being paid. In other words, I’m finding it hard to believe her tweet. If she wants to save face, she can save the charity money at the same time.

With luck, this will be the only Jenny McCarthy article here this year. Her time came and passed. We will be feeling the damage of her efforts for years to come. I’m not feeling much sympathy that she has to accept some consenquences.

By Matt Carey

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