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Jenny McCarthy and the law of unintended consequences

Posted Oct 19 2008 4:00pm

This video explains a consequence of Jenny McCarthy’s self-serving appearance on Oprah. The mom who made the video uses text to explain how she and her son listened to Jenny that day rave about how Warrior Mothers “fix” their autistic children. The boy deduces from this that since he is autistic and has a mother that perhaps his mother has already “fixed” him or maybe she will “fix” him in the future.

The mom realized that it wasn’t good for her son to see himself as a broken thing, or as a fixer-upper not quite good enough as is. The mom says she has decided to be a different kind of Mother Warrior now. She will continue to make sure her son gets the skills he needs to do the best he can. She will be one that fights for acceptance of her son and her family as they are.

I’m fighting for my son to be the best he can be…without being made to feel like there is something wrong with him being the way he is.

I would say this was an example of the law of inintended consequences. Jenny “Look at ME!” McCarthy’s statements are so often over-the-top, so shallow and ill-informed and so often self-contradictory. (What is it that cured Evan Asher this week? Diflucan for a raging yeast infection or just a few simple changes in diet and a few vitamins?) I believe she and her air-headed supporters can only make so many extreme and unethical comments about children in the national media before it starts to sink in to normal people that children are being spoken of abusively. I hope there will be a huge backlash because of Jenny’s exploitative, exhibitionist, anti-acceptance, anti-truth, anti-kindness, anti-child, anti-public-health putsch. I hope that backlash brings people to a point where they take a stand, visibly, and make declarations firmly on the side of autistic people as the mom who made this video did.

Thanks, Dinah M., for pointing out the video.

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