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Jenny, 4th Grade, Hospital Visit and a Small Houseguest

Posted Jun 13 2009 12:18am
(Ignore the jam on the face ok?)

Jenny was on Good Morning America today. You can see ithereif you missed it. She did a really great job!

We had a nice day today. The boys and I have been playing outside and working on coloring and counting and reading books lately. It's been fun and they're happy and willing learners so that is pleasant. We were reading about how different animals say hello to each other and so I had some monkeys and elephants and lions nuzzling and squawking around here. So far as I can tell, the rest of my kids are eager learners, it seems like it was just a personality thing with Timothy that made him so difficult to teach. He likes to resist just for the sake of resisting sometimes.

Speaking of Timothy, he adores his fourth grade teacher. She seems like a lot of fun and Timothy tells me that she is not always like that, that she is very strict. :) He told me that he feels like he can talk to her and tell her things that he can only tell me and his daddy. I asked him like what things and he was telling me that he felt comfortable to tell her about his special diet and if it was someone else he would have wanted me to send a note. :) I told him that it was really great that he can talk to her and if any of his anxieties come back, he could use her to talk through things. I think I'm going let her know at our parent/teacher conference that he sees her as a confidant.

We went and visited Tony's dad in the hospital today. His appendix was having issues so they removed it. We stayed for about 5 minutes before he sent us home and fell promptly back to sleep. He looked good and seemed in good spirits.

Tonight we went to my sister's birthday dinner and my little 20 month old niece is spending the night with us. Nathan was really excited that she was coming to HIS (and don't you dare say our or he'll be really angry with you) house. He got upset when I told him that she couldn't sleep in his bed, but he got over it. I'll take a picture of our cute little house guest tomorrow.

Good times.

- Julee

PS. We've had 2 other small houseguests lately, but they are the squeaky kind with tales, YUK!! Tony caught them with his trusty net so no need to fear around here!
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