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Jaw ache

Posted Nov 17 2008 6:16pm 1 Comment

My jaw ache is getting worse. And no it’s not from too much talking! Its stress and not enough sleep. C doesn’t sleep well at the best of times. And I sleep lightly as he has a history of being sick in the night.
The parents next door have gone away and the kids (i say kids but they are in their 20s!) have been partying. 3 nights in a row. Cs room is padded because of head banging so muffles the noise a bit for him. I just grit my teeth!
So even though I feel like a walking zombie, the school summer holidays are coming to an end, so I need to make the most of my time with my son.
Does anyone know any good remedies for jaw ache?

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AWww I feel your pain.  I have 'lock jaw".  An awesome remedy is Cyclobenzaprine:  it's good for the jaw, and all your muscles.  Take it before bed, because you'll get sleepy.  I'm pretty sure Cyclobenzaprine is generic version of Flexerol.  Good luck to you!
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