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It's Spring Break, Spring Fever, and Spring Forward with Gains!

Posted Mar 12 2013 9:50pm
And wouldn't you know it, Drew is sick for spring break. I swear he's sick every spring break; but I'll never forget this  one... That's just one of about four posts on that rough spring break. Oh vey! That was a tough place and I'm so thankful that we aren't there anymore. That is, reaching for motrin. 

What's in store for this spring break? So far a lot of Wii, computer, and iPad time. My good parenting skills have been in full gear the past two days! Drew is sick though and not a big fan of movies. Yes, for those of you whose children would rather stand one foot from the TV and watch the same episode of Dora all day, your day is a coming. Drew was one of those kids who melted-the-freak-down if you removed him from the TV or tried to watch anything other than his shows. He would watch it all day if allowed. Not anymore. Not a lot of interest...would rather play with friends. Score! Actually, more recently, he's started watching more TV again; but I think too because he understands the shows so much better now.
Anywhoo. GiGi and PopPop are coming to visit this week. Drew is so excited but so worried he will still be sick. Can I let you in on a secret? I'm kinda ok with it when he gets a fever. Wanna know why? Because the language and social comprehension that comes during and typically after a fever are amazing! Why is that? I think it is just proof that their immune systems are all jacked up and they are full of inflammation and viruses. He starts burning off viruses, kicking his immune system on to the appropriate evils, and something w the inflammation happens and it's like you have this unbelievably neurotypical child. It's so disgusting how many dismiss the possibility of illness not mental diagnostics. Don't have the energy to get into that.
We do let fevers run their course in our house. Don't go calling CPS. We are not dumb; but we do understand that the body needs to react to infection with a fever. We take precaution with natural relievers and remedies. And let me point out that EVERY SINGLE GAIN that Drew had from clearing things via homeopathy, came with fever and detox. EVERY. SINGLE. GAIN. Speech, real language, emotional control, cognitive breakthroughs, potty training, social skills, etc. even this time, he has had a break through moment. Drew is very gullible. Believes everything. He has started understanding that sometimes people that you trust may not always tell you the truth. He had already started questioning peers; but this was actually a "grown-up" and trust issue. He never questioned that his Grandma continues to tell him she's only 39 although Hubby is 37.... Odd too since he's so good with math and numbers. He had to understand that it didn't make since logically. But because Gram said it was was so. He's getting it now though.
And the new thing, specifically from this fever, is that TV shows, characters, stories, and situations may or may not be real. He's asking, "could that really happen in real life?" Now, that's not a new question...but the significance is that his beloved Mickey Mouse may not be real because mice can't talk. Again, some characters, he understood; but the trusted and been around for awhile ones are now what he understands and calls "Make believe." Last night while watching Little Einsteins, he realized that they couldn't be real because a rocket doesn't fly like a plane. And whatever the storyline was about had to do with the kids pretending. He then realized it couldn't be real because that wouldn't really happen. Its more complex than how I'm describing it because he has known his beloved Bunny isn't real, or that Kane cant really go get a job, or the myriad of idioms we use daily don't mean what they sound like they mean. its different, like a different light bulb went off or actually came on. It is a bittersweet gain. I do not want his innocence lost, or ability to pretend go away, or to not still love his characters. At this point, I think we are good. I think what has happened with Drew happens with all kids; but they may not voice the discovery as Drew did. They just accept and move on. And we all know that a PANDAS kiddo rarely just accepts and moves on. Nonetheless, improvement again!

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