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It's ok to be different....

Posted Jul 31 2009 8:07pm

My sister sent me these images today and I got a lump in my throat. Why? Because to me they symbolise everything I believe about our children. It is ok to be different. Does it make you any less beautiful? Absolutely not. It is far too easy to focus on what we believe to be wrong or missing with our children and miss the little things that make them uniquely wonderful. If you were to look at this peacock, would you see an albino bird and criticise its missing pigmentation, or would you look and find it breathtakingly beautiful....

I was advised in the early days to please please not spend every second analysing my little girl, not to lose sight of her little soul and to enjoy her. Great advice but as many others have found, very difficult to do in practice. It is something I advise people to do now though too. My daughter may be on the spectrum, but she is an amazing, funny, happy little girl with a laugh that is infectious. Her quirks are part of her personality and without them, she'd just be a bog standard multicoloured run of the mill peacock...

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